opening up a P60 TorchLAB Triple V3.10 drop in

I have a few of these drop inns. I would like to upgrade the LED from the XPG to a who knows what.
So has anybody ever opened one of these P60 drop inns? or better still has anybody upgraded one?
They look really sealed up do not know where to start.


I’d never seen one of these dropins before Googling it just now, but with the KaiDomain triple which at least shares the full-body design i unscrew the bezel by pressing it against some rubber/an old flip-flop (blf style :smiley: ) and twisting the body. Could be worth a look.

Give me a sec

Yeap, just finished one.

I think the bezel and housing is all one piece on these.

id That was some good timing. So does the lens just pop out? I tried doing it with a small flat blade but it felt like it was going to break.
Mine looks a little different to yours here is a pic of the ones I have.

TIR is glued like the board so i have used some heat and drill to make a hole in the center of the optics.

Small hook was enough to pull TIR out.

Now again some heat (a lot) and carefuly try to twist the board to break the glue.

I have used circlip pliers placed into the TIR leg openings ( 3 holes but you will use only 2)

Thanks for that I will order some new TIR lens.
Now I just need to work out what LED’s I can just drop in there without changing any of the boards just LED’s any ideas?

I did that too on 3 Lux’s.

Just clamp it in the small jaws of “helping hand” and with the heatgun under the board.

Heat it like you will do normal emitter swap/installation on an empty MCPCB BUT be careful not to touch/move any other tiny component.

It should work well.

After you remove old emitters, apply some NoClean flux without extra solder paste and position emitters.

Then some heat and you’ll be over in a few minutes.

I have now 219B sw35,40 & 45 in all my Lux’s and freshly vuild by Serge 219C 5700K 90CRI aka HighNoon.

As soon as i receive 5000K XD16 90CRI emitters it will be sent to Serge for 372 build

Thanks for that sounds easy but I bet I will stuff it up.
Now for some dumb question if you can.
1: Looks like the XPL-HD is the best to swap the XPG with as all the spec’s of the LED will work with the drop-ins electronics?
2:Looking at the emitters should I buy bare led’s or mounted square-pcb LED’s?
3: When you say heat under the board to remove the optic where do you mean as its all sealed? maybe just heat up the hole drop in?
Now off to watch some emitter swap videos.