Opinions on a host (Large Photos)

I'm looking for your opinions of this 18650 host.

What do you think of it as a thrower with a XM-L?. The reflector is really deep, 58mm. The diameter is 42.

Is that flat portion (where the led hole is) going to affect the throw. If it would start narrower around the led I think it would concentrate a bit more light. Something like the reflector of the Jetbam BC40. I really like the beam pattern on the BC40, however that is a OP reflector.

These aren't the best shots to judge the reflector, but maybe your experience with flashlights helps.

What do you think?


I got one of these after reading this review.


Unfortunately XML T6 doesn't seem to lend it self to be an excellent thrower

with the current optics available. It is however quite bright with a good spot.

Thanks mazda96hatch these flashlights look very much the same. Identical with Brinyte XML-C5 CREE XM-L T6?

I know XM-l isn't an excellent thrower but I was looking for something that would throw more than a Eagletac t20c2 reflector with XM-L.

Where did you find the host, and at what price?

I have found it on Taobao. It's $10. Maybe you could get it for even less if you would negotiate. However no shipping is included in that price.

I think it's a pretty hot looking host! Would be nice if DX or MF carried it.

this is the uniquefire HS-802 host. i have a HS-801 (same reflector) but with XRE in it. really good thrower.

Nice. I've searched for this flashlight and found that Don has this mod: Uniquefire HS-802 with an XM-L T6 and a 3A driver. Looks like almost no spill and a tight hotspot. https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1423 I wonder how it does over 100m. However I don't find it too good at 40m.