[Optisolis/E17A/E21A] Jetbeam Jet-µ

UPDATE181221: Maukka calibrated Jetusolis
If you guys interested to make a calibrated light using this Jetusolis, you can ask Maukka and check this thread:

The pricing for Jetusolis:
1 - 3 pcs = $28,5/pc
4+ pcs = $27/pc

- Clemence

I dont see pricing or where to even purchase

Sorry, forgot about that. The price:

  • Jetusolis is $27 - 28,5 depends on quantity
    I haven’t officially launch it to my store but you can fill the interest list in Maukka’s thread

- Clemence

Damn Indonesia to Finland to US. Wonder if I will get it before the end of 2019.

If it makes sense you should ship as once big batch expedited to maukka

Correct, that’s the idea hence Maukka’s interest list

Of course if you don’t need the data, just order from Clemence when he makes them publicly available in his store. No reason to include an extra step in that case.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hey Clemence,

Any chance of buying a couple of those 20° TIR optics from you?
It’s pretty hard to find something decent in that size via the normal pleb channels…
Or maybe you got them from Yajimei?

All those TIR optic prices are all the same at $0,2/pc. Both types of the MCPCB price is $1,58. You can order them via the store soon (before Monday)
You might want to wait for the 30°optics next week, currently only few left. The vendor sent me wrong optics earlier.
FYI, they fits Fenix E05 too

- Clemence

Great! :beer:
Thanks. :+1:

Yeah, 30° is usually the best for a TIR (i.m.o.).

So we keep ckecking Virence for the release of these?

Still waiting for the 30° optics (Jetusolis) guys.

- Clemence

I’m glad to read this. Even better if you also offer reflow service for the MCPCBs. The Jetusolis and JetuE21A lights interest me very much, but I also have a couple E05’s that really could use better emitters and optics.

me too.

Good point. Clemence, can I add 3 of the 30deg optics to my order if you haven’t shipped it out yet? Thanks.

Any update on these?

The vendor sent me wrong optics - they fix it, shipped the correct optics in 181219 - Today 190107 the vendor received the packet they sent to me, declined by the custom for whatever reasons we don’t know. Weird, it was only 1000pcs of tiny PMMA optics.
I decided to start selling the Jetue21a using the 20° the day after tomorrow, since single E21A has no problem with any optics… Jetusolis beam looks best with correct 30° but 20° still okay-ish. Perfectionist will have to wait if they want the best Jetusolis.

- Clemence

This looked pretty good to me but maybe there is something subtle you can only detect in person. Thanks for the update

I’m still undecided on E21A vs Optisolis. What are your subjective impressions of how the two render color? Also, is that positive duv of the optisolis on the previous page the numbers of it in the host with optics? If so, that’s kinda green.