Opus BT-C3100 V2.0 "Dreamcharger" GROUP BUY Now @ $ 36. New coupon code - tatasal -(to close July 15) NOW CLOSED

My mistake, the Trustfire Flames were rated at 2400 mAh. The charger showed 2261 mAh and 2128 mAh after the discharge test at 1000 mA completed. In my opinion, the results are really good for 2+ year old non-major branded cells.

Yeah, that’s good enough.

MAP police once again….

this forum need definitely a closed area for members only for those group buys…

And only members with over 180 posts are allowed admission.

Fortunately I think many members in blf who wanted one have secured the GB price

The people who don't want to spend 55 bucks on a charger will soon have to settle for 375mA charging per slot on the Nitecore Digicharger if it really does sell for the rumoured 30bucks or so.

I have not and can’t get one at the moment. Too bad I had to get an eneloop charger while this deal was being ironed out with the issues in V1.

Oh well, I’m sure our awesome members will get more sweet deals on other chargers at a later point!

This is not really a MAP issue. Its about other shitty vendors complaining that their stock is not being sold.

Efest luc v4 does 4x 1a or 2x 2a and is 29.99 :slight_smile:

This forum is so awesome :stuck_out_tongue: So much happens everyday!

Apparently a number of multi chem smart analytical chargers are coming out in the next year. At least that has been the rumours according to HKJ.

It doesn’t have the capacity test, but it is a very good charger at a great price.

OHH… boy. I order another one.

One weird scenario. After the charger shown my Samsung battery fully charged, I switch off the power and left the battery in the charger for few hours. Afterward when I measured them with multi-meter, it shown only 4.31V. I have decided to recharge them again. After a short while, the charger shown the Samsung batteries was fully charged. When I measure the voltage in the battery, it shown 4.37V-4.38V. A bit high though.

3 days processing, hope it ships soon.

Thinking to DIY to transfer the 4.35V switch out from the box. Now sourcing for the more durable switch. It is simply inconvenient to open the case. Even we dremel a hole, the small tiny switch will be soon to breakdown.

Mine took 6 days to ship with expedited shipping

Well, I gave away my Supfire M6, some batteries and my old i4 this weekend. Perfect excuse to order this one >:D Hopefully it get’s here soon. I only have 8 charged batteries left to last me till then.

I did a "test mode" (capacity check) on 4cells:

  • Pana PD 2900, moderatly used, about 1 year old: 2805 mAh
  • Pana PF 2900, hardly used, pretty new: 2839 mAh
  • Pana B 3400 unprotected, used a few cycles, maybe 1.5 yrs old: 3163 mAh
  • EVVA 26650 4000, hardly used, pretty new: 4532 mAh

These results are pretty good, I must say. There was speculation some of RMM's 4000 26650 protected cells were really 4500, mis-labeled at 4000 -- now with this charger it's proved.

I also did a old TrustFire 10440 400 mAh that tested showing 133 mAh -- maybe expected. An unknown laptop pull cell did 1475 mAh - probably expected.

Pretty neat Tom E. Yeah, when I first got my hobby charger, it all took away the ‘guesstimates’ of my cells’ capacities. Now with this device, I can do the same thing but without the hassle of big external power supplies and battery cradles and can refresh nimh too.

Thanks for the updates, Tom. I’ll finally be able to match my laptop pulls for use in multi-cell lights.

Having this charger/analyzer introduces another dimension in our hobby….looking for old laptop packs, breaking them open and getting a kick out of analyzing and knowing their capacities.