OrcaTorch newest military EDC flashlight T11

Only can powered by AA battery now. Thinking updating it to AA and 14500 batteries are compatible in the future.

T11 interface?
Strobe and SOS modes are hidden or in the secuence of normal modes…?

Hey Matt, T11 MARP $49.95/unit.
And we only use PWM on storbe mode.

Strobe and SOS are in the secuence of normal modes, and without memory function.

USA state of Michigan.

Does it start from high or low when you turn it on?

military EDC flashlight AA ?
How to get this tiny toy from pocket or use with tactical gloves on?

The glued head puts it in the ‘do not buy’ category for me.

Same here… I’ll pass

“PWM on strobe”?? Why would you want to dim your Strobe??

Oh, wait…



Sorry, just passing through here. Cost-Benefit Analysis + comparison with competitive products = wrong jungle for me! Bye!

At over $50 AU, I’m out

But the light had my interest that’s for sure

I really like the looks and specs of some of their lights… but, having said that I am not going to risk $50+ to try a light that I can’t easily change the tint on and have not seen any internal or power handling reviews posted anywhere.

The T20 and T30 look interesting, I suspect they are glued and nearly $100 bux. The 77 would be the one I would most like to try, but they say it is a special production unit and not forsale. :frowning:

I suspect that these will not move very well here, it is to bad they look ok…

Amazon is available.

Still have one solution, after all our WR10 free sample reviews are finishes(another 5 reciews underway), then plan T11 free sample activity in BLF. :wink:

Start from low mode. After light on, press switch half a way, changed modes; press switch to end, light off.
There is no need to turn off light after chang 6 modes.

I dont know but this light misses something, its to ordinary. The specs dont impress me. For example the Klarus Mi7 offers more like voltage checker, better emitter, higher Lumen etc…

Is there any parasitic drain with this light?

I”m looking up how to test that. Puzzled to find that I drained an Eneloop, wondering did I really run the light on all that much?

Following up — I was given a free T10 to review, and the first one had a serious driver problem with passive drain if turned off but not locked out, and would barely light up with a 2.9v primary.
They replaced that and the second one behaves better and I’m trying it for a while before commenting on it.

So that reminds me of this question I asked 7/20 about the T11, in the previous response above…

OrcaTorch just told me there will be (or is already??) a version of the T11 that has two switches, side and tail — which would solve a passive drain problem, I think.
At least assuming one of the switches is a purely mechanical switch.

But I’m looking for more info on how to test this.

I actually did a review on the T11 and posted it on 7-16-16. The parasitic drain may be there , although I never have checked it until I went and got the light from my wife just a bit ago . She got the light right after I did the review because she liked it and it has been in her purse for 7 weeks now with what she called “a little bit of use” she said maybe 20 or 30 minutes total. I checked the Rayovac NIMH cell and it reads 1.31 so I would guess the parasitic drain is very minor?

My full video review is HERE It contains stills of the light , the water testing (and checking for moisture immediately after), still beamshots , and live footage shining outside (comparison to Thorfire TG06 with alkaline cell in it also).

The quality of the video is not the best for some reason after I loaded it to Youtube , but most of it is decent quality.

OK. Testing parasitic drain is

quoting HKJ.