Orcatorch WR10 review (photos + video)

I will write a very short review because you know, my English is so fuc…g bad, and also I wrote a long review in italian language on CPF Italy (with many photographs) and a video on Youtube (even if it is in Italian I recommend you see for the pictures and the final beamshots ). So please just take this photos shoots and video, with no words. I do not want you laugh with my lexical errors :smiley:

Well, everybody know this torch, we know it’s unique. The torch quality is really very good; It is positioned in a high market segment, alongside renowned brands. It ’s very powerful and the levels are well spaced (starts at level Turbo 950lumens - 350 lm High - Middle 50 lm - Low 2 lm + Strobe / SOS 950 lm hidden). It is IPX8 certification, this means it can be submerged a few meters without being damaged (in my video I plunged about 15 minutes with no problems). It feels good in the hand and is very well balanced; it’s very small flashlight 26650 (15,5cm)!
And finally, wireless charging is really a novelty and a very innovative feature. It offers so many options to justify the price and then buy! I recommend it because I was very pleased. Orcatorch also provides a guarantee for any problems or replacements of parts. If you want to see my explanatory video, go to Youtube and type “Orcatorch WR10 wireless flashlight review” and let me know if you liked it :wink:

Now let’s play the photos and the video!!

Ladyes & gentleman, welcome to the Orcatorch WR10!

The bag!

What inside in the torch?

For a 26650 flashlight, it is very small Imho, take a look here:

Compared with a Yezl Y3 (26650 cell)

On the left a Thorfire C8, on the right the Wr10

Ok, now you know…it’s quite small :smiley:

This is why I think it’s a unique flashlight…never see something like this!

This are the four contats from the tailcap, they supposed to send the wireless charging at the head

Please put me in, and you will see the light! :smiley:

They work very well (I have try on auto too)

Now let’s play some magic! This is what happen when you tale the tailcap around the craddle

When it’s green, the battery is full

With a 26650 (included)

With a 18650 + adaptor (included)

The adaptor is so bulky and strong

Lot of space here, no problem with “fatty” 18650

Another front of view

With a protected 18650

Very fine work here!

No problem with the big battery with my Nitecore I4, it fits!

The actors, please clap your hands :partying_face:

Springs everywhere!

Want we talk about the body? Oh man the body…must say, I like a lot! Very very beautiful!

Look what I mean!


The brand

AR lens + XM-L2 U4 + alluminio reflector

On my hand

On the hand of my daughter, she’s 5 years old!

Some numbers…

Can you see the difference?

Do not be fooled by the prospect, it’s around 15,5cm

Ok, let’s be serious, some really numbers from the datasheet

The warranty!

And finally…popcorn :beer:

Ok, it’s italian language, but beamshots and steadycam are universal languages :smiley:
So please take a look at the video and let me know if you like it or not (I’m serious). Thank you!

Finally, I want to say thank to Orcatorch and Archer for the patience and the support. They give me a free flashlight for an honest review. Hope they will like my work, and naturally you guys all too!

This is my very first review here (not on the italian forum), hope you really like it and forget my bad english.
See ya next time! :smiley:

Nice, thanks

It is a very nice light indeed!

They send me it and when rhey asked for reviews i had time tobdo if fast, but before the actual sending was done that quiet time was over and it poured so beamshots could not be taken easy.
Plan on doing some tonight because this deserves a more reviews :wink:

Thanks for your effort ,Manx. It’s really efficient and nice work.

Hello,Miller. Waiting for your good news.A high-quality and fair review is worth the wait.

How about a French review, mmh ?

Orcatorch WR10 review - YouTube

Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure!

Wow!a big surprise. :+1:

Alla languages covered! :+1:

With a name like “OrcaTorch” I was expecting a scuba diving light!!!

Manx, I say your English in this typed review is better than fifty percent of the American population would do. Excellent review, I really enjoyed it. And I sure do like the light! :+1:

They do make those
And I would trust the WR10 the most of all my lights when it comes to waterproofing (lol I only have 1 “diving light” $14 AE)

It is part the price of the light but also and more so the general quality and feel that would make me grab this if the pool was full and I needed to check something at 2,20m depth (sigh with all the rain I could not fix the inside of the pool so it is empty now takes two weeks at least to get it full and clear after fixing but needed to do heavy trimming today )