Ordered 3 weeks ago WTF


I’ve had tracking numbers stop working as they switch from one mailing company to another. Most tracking Numbers I get from stuff in the USA stop working as they cross the border.
Give it 5-8 BUISENESS days after it stopped moving and if it shows up at your door then you know it was the tracking.

Some things get held up in customs for a week or two as well

mite try and track it on this site , this is if you havent already tried it there

My solarforce order hit ISC NY on Aug 6 and it is STILL there (Aug 20). I emailed them for an answer. Another order arrived at ISC NY on Aug 16 somehow slipped through and is on the way to me. I am totally confused. And yes WTF.

Should arrive any day soon ……

You will give up your hopes…… And then your checking your mailbox and a glow will come out, like opening the Arc in that Indiana Jones movie ……….

My first 26650 flame for my HD 2010 has been in the ISC NY PO since the 10th.
M/F shipped in two days.
It took 12hrs 22min HKP to NY and now its taken 10 days plus however much to get the rest of the way

All par for the course with NY-ISC… that place must be a zoo.

I know that you don’t want to hear this, but what ya gonna do?

Getting your shorts in a wad ain’t makin’ move any faster.

I try to buy something every couple of weeks, just to have something “in the works” to look forward too.

There’s always express mail options, but isn’t much of the fun in “free shipping”?

I’ve waited 44 days maximum, so far, from DX. I don’t think that all of my items were in stock.

I have an order open now that I’ve waited over 30 days, had two deliveries, and I have yet to receive the correct parts, they keep shipping replacements though.

Try to relax, play a game, order something else, and see which one arrives soonest.

Best regards,

Maybe someone knows, but I’m not sure if the vendor still has possession of your order anymore, I think it’s in the hands of the shipping system already.

The post office called me today and said they had a package for me and there was no street address on it! Just my name, phone number, city and zip!!! Its a wonder it even made it this far……… lol

Oh well got it anyways longer then usuall but now it get to do some new things I never done before! Woot

Good luck waiting. I am not very good at it!

Sometimes that 17track.net site will have info if you use the “track on destination” option (which you have likely tried already).

Use this…sometimes it could already have gotten on a plane already, the site was never updated. :slight_smile:

And of course it takes quite a while for the connecting flights to reach.


Surprisingly, libertarians seem to be the majority on this forum. Maybe liking flashlights and being smart go together. :P

>>>>>>The post office called me today and said they had a package for me and
>>>>>>>there was no street address on it! Just my name, phone number, city and zip!!! Its a wonder it even made it this far……… lol

Hahahahaha …. Same thing happened to me last week. Mailman came to the door and made me sign all these release forms for a (you guessed it) chinese package. I asked what these were for, and he said that i was saying that an incompletely addressed package was indeed mine.

Idiots had addressed the package not even to me, but my company, city and state and zip. That’s it. No street address. And my city is BIG.

Postman said that he just happened to be in the sorting room when the supervisor was asking if anyone knew where (name of my company) was. Thank god the mailman said he knew exactly where it was.

And I gave my wife a hard time when she gave the postman 20 bucks for the holidays last year! Next year, we’ll do it again!

Don’t worry about your package. It will get here. Just may take a little time. 3-4 weeks is nothing. I had a package from DX take over two months in the spring.

I send out THOUSANDS of packages and receive THOUSANDS every year, domestic and international. Fedex, UPS — lost all the time. We rarely use them any more. USPS? THE BEST. Nobody’s perfect, but they really are good. Maybe lost 2 packages coming and going this year. TWO out of thousands. And I think the idiot customers gave us the wrong addresses anyway, so usps really didn’t lose anything.

I’m sure like any business that there are usps horror stories, but they really do an amazing job.