Ordered some new lights

Hey everyone, its been awhile since I bought any new lights. Iv been running an Armytek Predator and a Deerelight Aspherical light for at least the last 5 years.
I decided to checkout what was happening in the flashlight world and I may have got a little carried away ordering new things…
Iv ended up ordering…

Maxtoch Rainbow E1 with 4 x XL-L2 HD Leds (1 x 18650 light)
Convoy S2+ with Nichia 219C 4000k led 7135x8driver (1 x 18650 light)
Convoy S2+ with SST40 5000k led 4 mode driver (1 x 18650 light)
Convoy S2+ with SST20 4000k led 7135x8 driver (1 x 18650 light)
Convoy M1 with XPL HI 4000k led, 7135*8 driver (1 x 18650 light)
Convoy L6 with XHP70.2, 4000k led (2 x 26650)

Im not sure what im going to tell the fiance…maybe ill tell her I ordered it for her, and give her my least favorite S2+ to try to smooth things over?

Anyone have any experience or comments on any of these lights? I understand they are mostly very run-of-the-mill, but the wait is on for delivery…and you know how that is :slight_smile:


I’m sure you will have fun with the convoy L6 if you haven’t got any new flashlights in 5 years! It’s a awesome light and very moddable

Thanks, yes I haven’t got anything new in at least 5 years. Perhaps longer. The last light I got was the Armytek which was a long time ago now.

There are so many reasonably priced lights around now… it makes choosing only one or two very difficult!
Im not sure if ill be able to last the day without ordering the S11 as well…

On another note, does anyone have any experience with the panasonic 5000mah 22650 batteries? Iv got plenty of 18650’s but 22650 are new to me.
I note Convoy suggests “keeppower protected cells”, which I gather they probably do that due to the length they made the battery tube, meaning regular 22650 cells could be a little loose.
Am I correct in thinking I can use non-protected cells or any other cells shorter than the 70mm long convoy suggests, but may have to pack something on the bottom of the last cell (or come up with another way) to take up any extra space from the shorter cells?


I’ll have to measure them, but I have unprotected Efests in mine and they work fine. Never had a problem.