Ordering specific chromaticity groups at Arrow Electronics?

In this forum specific tints like 1A, 3C, 7C are often mentioned, and we can get them from sites like Mtn and Convoy. However when I browse sites like Mouser and Arrow Electronics, they seem to only stock Cree LEDs with tints according to kits, which means the LED obtained can be above or below the BBL. I am really interested in ordering a specific tint from these large sites, say, a 5A tint. Do they stock such reels or am I missing out on something?

You cant order specific tints without purchasing an entire reel. Even then it is limited in how specific your request can be since they have to check with the factory.

If you tell us what LED in particular you are looking for we might be able to point you to other sites like intl-outdoor, kaidomain, led4power, virence which sell single LEDs and do specify binning usually. Even some of our group buys on the forum.

Most suppliers won’t let you order a specific tint bin unless you’re getting hundreds, and you’re limited to whatever they have on hand. Getting a specific tint bin they don’t stock will usually involve ordering 1000+ units and waiting for a couple months. That’s why nobody has seen an LH351D with a better tint bin than T5 or T6.

Thanks for the clarification
looks like it’s not easy to get a small quantity of specific tint. I think I’d better stick to sites that have them.