Are these emitters I am looking at Osrams? If so can anyone tell me which ones they are?

1st one looks like a OSRAM, W1 I would think. 2nd looks like a SFT-40.

Thanks Tom!

Yea, I'm certain the 2nd one is an SFT-40 -- just put one in a BLF GT.

What kind of light is that? Interesting how they got bare wires there, but ok because the holes seem to be connected direct to LED+ and LED-. Plus it's really small with two nice size screws.. Hhmm.

Yes. Please let us know what light the second pic is!

Its a prototype of a possible new version of my 800 lumen maglite dropin.

Hmm. Interesting

22AWG Teflon wire?

Maglite modding is American national sport… I tried to modd my more than 30 year old Maglite Magcharger and never finished it… I just surrendered :wink: To complicated for me.


I don’t know if anyone can help but my head will explode out of freaking numbers…

What is newer and better:

This CSLNM1.TG from Simon: link

Or this one from Mouser: link

What is this? 5050 Footprint? Link

The YinDing 5050 one in 5000K looks different than what you got there, but when you de-lens it, it does about the same as a Boost HX in lumens, throw, and tint. And all that with a round dye! I got 3 in, installed one in a FT03 - best throw: 581 kcd, ~1600 lumens, at ~7.8 amps. The pain is you have to find that ideal amp level and it's right about there, 7.5 - 7.9 amps or so.

I got 5 more on order from Ali, waiting. Waiting to see how it does in a aspheric - the round dye should be nice.

I think the CSLNM1.TG is still the king of throw in white, but the green one beats it. Isn't the Simon and Mouser ones the same?

Tom beat me to it but the YinDing 5050 is great, especially for pwm or linear FET lights. For me, 7.3-7.5A is peak output at 30s in a light. I’m getting 415kcd in a L21B and 186kcd in a C8+ running a ramping driver, 205kcd direct drive. Tint is perfectly cold white.

Lots of info in this thread: Yinding "5050 30W" round die domeless led tested
Yinding "5050 30W" round die domeless led tested - #46 by JaredM

The NM1 from Simon is a 6N bin, and Mouser’s are anything from 5N to 8N. In my experience, every Osram from Mouser has been barely hitting the bottom end of the range. NM1 from a long time ago was 286lm @1A (280 min). The HHL532 I tested came in at 356lm at 1A (355 min).

OMG guys! Thank you very much!

Thanks Djozz for testing this Ying-Ding: Yinding "5050 30W" round die domeless led tested . Everybody should see and like it. This is something we strive since very beginning of led flashlights!

I can’t follow progress any more… So thanks a ton :+1: :beer:

Yes… Small Osram green beats everything on lux meter but I don’t actually see any further in a night with it comparing to white brothers (I actually see further with white).

I also got and build one with HHL532.TG New Osram Black Flat but I was not aware that it has high forward voltage so I did pill with long 24 AWG wires, steel un-bypassed spring, and bypassed tailcap spring… Got 4.1A current draw and similar performance like small white flat at 5A current draw. I can confirm it is suitable for FET drivers! :+1:

So thanks to JaredM we also have HHL532.TG (New Osram Black Flat) OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm² - #1374 by JaredM. So if you’ll take it is dirt cheap and for FET setup just do your best without adding resistance(thick and short gauge wires, bypasses everywhere, and Samsung 30Q ), although I can’t still confirm 100% (I did resistance FET mod with HHL532.TG because I thought it behaves same like white flat 1mm ) this emitter should beat Small White Flat in performance.

Exciting things are happening guys… I like all new stuff! :+1:

Worth to mention that New Osram Black Flat fits to 3535 footprint as Cindirela shoes!

Also worth to mention that New Osram Black Flat does not have electrically neutral thermal pad! I never find that as an issue in mine builds (because I think I have right stuff for eliminating that disadvantage) but someone will hate it because of that(guys that always have to use PC artic silver type of pastes beneath :slight_smile: )…

I use the HHL in single mode, driverless, forward clicky, purpose built throwers. I use DTP boards and don’t bother to insulate them since it technically is just lowering the resistance for me. Win win. It’s great IMO for gun lights or otherwise maximum reliability applications. My favorite host for this is the Convoy M2, mcpcb spaced up with copper blank, 0.39-0.45mm thickness ‘tall round’ 3535 gasket reamed out to fit and painted black. SS bezel was heat colored and an extra thick UCL lens installed. Low resistance everything and LG H26 running it at ~5A. 106kcd turn on and stays above 100kcd for a good while. 30s was measured at 102kcd. It also used to live in a B158B and Jacob A60 with impressive results, but those have gotten swaps a bunch of times since.

“I use DTP boards and don’t bother to insulate them since it technically is just lowering the resistance for me.”

JaredM. I don’t understand this bro :laughing: Technically you can use HHL on non insulated DTP if you have anodized finish on pill… Otherwise it will Pufff to oblivion(and everything on flashlight like switch, possibly driver)

The central thermal pad of HHL led is unfortunately not electrically neutral (it is connected to led+) ? :disguised_face:

Same like Osram 850&940NM emitters.

Am I wrong? Please correct me…

The cathode is negative (-), so it just goes direct drive. If the center pad was anode, then yeah, you’d have a dead short unless you put the battery in backwards.

if you could choose one of these two bins, which would it be and why? in a M21E or similar host.

KW CSLPM1.TG 5P-fcbB46-15 (450lm-500lm @ 1400 mV, 5400K, 2.75v-3v forward voltage)
KW CSLPM1.TG 8R-ebzB46-B5 (8R?), 6000k(?), 3.25v-3.50v forward voltage)

i couldn’t find ‘8R’ listed in the datasheet.

thanks :beer:

Is there a quad dtp mcpcb that works with that Carclo? All I can find is a triple, which should be fine, but I’ll go quad if I can.

You could reflow or ask someone to reflow you XP-P LED’s onto a quad 3535 MCPCB?
They offer close to W1 performance but are available in a more common 3535 package

I want the CSLNM1.23 (red, 617nm), which is 3030 if I’m not mistaken. Granted, that’d probably work on a XP-E mcpcb, but I would rather stick with a triple if there’s not a true 3030 quad dtp mcpcb.