Osram Golden Dragon lights?

Hi Nautic yes i have the ultrafire RL118 it's an amazing little light

I did a review of the RL-118 on Jayki.com


Still one of my favourite lights but it is not perfect. I like it a lot....

Holy cow. That really is warm. Does it really look that orange? Or only side-by-side? Thanks for the great picture.

Very nice color on the left there! How do they achieve that, with phosphates in the dome around the light? Could you please give us the URL of the one on the left phlowcus? Thanks!

That's not 5000k at all. Warm white like that is ~3000k.

sb56637: Warm like this done by more phosphorus applied in the led coating so more blue gets translated to lower energy spectra (like how crt's work).

What I"m curious about is they have this one: http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=9954

Which is indicated as "yellow" instead of 5k, costs slightly more, but looks to have same warm beam?? I guess I'll see how yellow the 5k from kaidomain is once it arrives.

I was the one that mentioned the FocalPrice C78 had an ugly beam at both flood and full zoom. My Romisen RC-C6 has the best flood mode. The beam is a perfect uniform really big round beam. My Romisen does not throw nearly as well as my KD MXDL SA-28 though.

I have a sa-28, too. But I messed it up a bit when I popped off the lens on the emitter when wipping it down. Apparently those are just glued on. So I superglued it back on (gluing only around the edge) and now it has a patch of yellow in full throw, which it goes away after a few min? I suppose it's because of the heat, but I would've expected it to change geometry and not color...

Yellow patch is sort of weird. My SA-28 and Romisen are both out of focus when I twist/pull the head all the way out. I have to twist/pull it back a little to make it be focused. Is your SA-28 like that too?

I don't have the romisen, but all of my zoom lights are in focus at all the way out. Maybe just lucky, or they mounted the board too high on mine. :)

Thanks Don

There is a difference on brightness figures between the review and your spreadsheet on lumens estimate?

Is this a result of different batteries?

Yes - it would barely work with my protected RCR123s and on checking the current draw I bought some IMR 16340s. It will work with unprotected RCR123s but the current draw wasn't what I'd consider safe.

Don also tested the S1 on JAYKI . While I liked the body on the S1, I disliked the small mushy, rubbery switch which was hard to operate. After a while I totally disliked the beam colour, because it was no "warm" tint but a yellow epoxy layer (think like a yellow lens). So I gave it away.

If I may quote myself (from Jayki):

Ah, I found my bag of black 18mm O-rings and did the test myself. Black O-rings don't change the general tint of the light, only the very outer rim of the spill is more white. So there is basically 2 tints in the beam. I changed it back to the GITD O-ring. The emitter itself seems to have an epoxy layer coating, maybe that's the reason for the yellow-green tint. (I'm almost certain ;-) ) My Tank007 E07 was more white and is supposed to have the same emitter. Still a great little light and my ultra budget recommendation when you don't mind the tint colour.

My recommendation for a 1xAA with a CREE is the supreme Hugsby P32 (review of the P31 which has the same body but the p32 has 3 modes and at least mine is slightly brighter) and the Tank E07 (review) if you want a small 1XAA OSRAM. I have given the S1 and the E07 away, I'm glad I got rid of the S1 but I'm considering buying the E07 again for myself.... it's not the brightest ... but had a very nice beam and was the smallest 1xAA I've ever owned.

emitter itself seems to have an epoxy layer coating, maybe that's the reason for the yellow-green tint.

Are you sure it's not just the phospher layer?

Yep, at least on mine, big evidence is the 2 tone beam even without the GITD O-ring and Don's light also looked yellow'ish on the side by side comparison shot. Remember that I had 2 OSRAM lights to compare and approximatly 30 HK lights passed through my hands.

Well, I kind of wish the c78 osram I got had that layer. It's massively purple/blue. Maybe the guy who sprays that on had the day off.

Is it like the yellow in this pic (on the left)?

On mine, not at all. It's pretty subtle around the edges (20% or so). It's tinted like an old Rom G2 I have (P2?), basically off-white.

Mine was yellow as if a cool white emitter would have a too small yellow lens in the inner 90% of the beam and the outer ring 10 % were again cool white like the E07, so it wasn't a warm yellow but very cool and weird. Never have seen anything like that again, first I thought it was a production problem with my emitter but Don's seems to have a similar effect. At first I thought " Yay, a warm white flashlight for under 10$ " but in actual use it is like looking through a filter with some colours missing.... especially outdoors. Maybe they did this to have an even beam under the effect of the GITD O-ring in the front.

The reason for these imperfections on some Osram led lights is that china manufacturers obviously use cheap second quality Osram leds. Some of these might have small defects/flaws.

Osram GDP leds are the most precisely (tint-) binned leds on the market, so I don't think it makes any sense to blame any kind of layer for the phenomenon.

It's a "90% perfect" warm white. So it's not orange as erm... an orange or yellow (which wouldn't be pleasing to look at imho). It's indeed very similar to an incandescent's warm white.

It's the kd link agenthex posted above.

I only can speculate if it was defective, 2nd grade or even a fake Osram. I wouldn't have bothered much about it, if Don's hadn't the same "tint" colour. Maybe it was from the same batch. When I looked at the convex dome of the emitter it was definitely coloured. If it was a one batch occurrence ... who knows. I would like to see beamshots of the S1 from recent orders compared to a cool white XR-E.