Osram Golden Dragon lights?

Well, I kind of wish the c78 osram I got had that layer. It's massively purple/blue. Maybe the guy who sprays that on had the day off.

Is it like the yellow in this pic (on the left)?

On mine, not at all. It's pretty subtle around the edges (20% or so). It's tinted like an old Rom G2 I have (P2?), basically off-white.

Mine was yellow as if a cool white emitter would have a too small yellow lens in the inner 90% of the beam and the outer ring 10 % were again cool white like the E07, so it wasn't a warm yellow but very cool and weird. Never have seen anything like that again, first I thought it was a production problem with my emitter but Don's seems to have a similar effect. At first I thought " Yay, a warm white flashlight for under 10$ " but in actual use it is like looking through a filter with some colours missing.... especially outdoors. Maybe they did this to have an even beam under the effect of the GITD O-ring in the front.

The reason for these imperfections on some Osram led lights is that china manufacturers obviously use cheap second quality Osram leds. Some of these might have small defects/flaws.

Osram GDP leds are the most precisely (tint-) binned leds on the market, so I don't think it makes any sense to blame any kind of layer for the phenomenon.

It's a "90% perfect" warm white. So it's not orange as erm... an orange or yellow (which wouldn't be pleasing to look at imho). It's indeed very similar to an incandescent's warm white.

It's the kd link agenthex posted above.

I only can speculate if it was defective, 2nd grade or even a fake Osram. I wouldn't have bothered much about it, if Don's hadn't the same "tint" colour. Maybe it was from the same batch. When I looked at the convex dome of the emitter it was definitely coloured. If it was a one batch occurrence ... who knows. I would like to see beamshots of the S1 from recent orders compared to a cool white XR-E.

Hey fran82, my order for the AA-S1 just shipped from DX.

Thanks medieval, probably I will order one, I love it!

Another petition (sorry) when it arrives comment about it, the tint of the color, the quality, if it has clean or dirty threads... etc...


Will do. I'm sort of concerned because Vectrex said he didn't like the yellowish tint to the light.

I think it can not be possible........ the light produced by the AA-S1 is "slightly" warm white, not yellow.

I have seen the photo posted by you showing yellow light in the left and white on the right. It can not be the AA-S1. If really is the AA-S1it can be due to a defective/second class OGD LED.

I have 2 flashlights with golden dragon. On BOTH the light is white, but not cold white, slightly warm white (only a bit warm). I can not notice any yellowish tint on any. Probably he received a defective one or a flashlight with second class OGD LED.........

OR can be that the LED mounted in that flashlight is the 5000K OGD LED instead of the typical 8000-9000K OGD LED

Dug out all the Osram LED devices I could find easily.

Tank007 E07, Uniquefire AA-S1, Ultrafire RL-118, Tank007 E07, Trustfire F22 (Which is a Cree with a very nice beam). All apart from the RL-118 are being run on AA NiMH

Turned off all artificial light

These colours look about right on my screen. If I had a larger white object and a room I could darken, I'd take the shots at a greater distance. Maybe the next time I borrow a projection screen.

The TrustFire F22 Osram LED? In DX page claims Cree R2

And probably newer AA-S1´s are shipped with a warmer LED

Which is what I said above the pic - just for comparison.

Don't put too much weight on my words. Maybe I just got unlucky and received a bad one, or it's personal preference with that tint. What I don't like ... it might be perfect for you... and the S1 is a well built light. But you can clearly see on that second beamshot from Don that the tint is different to the Tank007's and in my experience it's not only due to the GITD O-ring at the front. If you don't like cool yellow-green ... this might not be the light for you.. at least the batch Don and I had. We need more beamshots from other members who also have the light to verify this.

Thanks for the beamshots Don btw

As I already said, I'm quite sure the manufacturers don't use regular tint binned GDPs, so I wouldn't expect one batch of S1's to have the same tint. I'd say it's just a different emitter lottery than with (also cheaply supplied) Cree's, with the benefit of potentially getting some nice and creamy tint, but there is also the possibilty of getting some toxic greenish etc. stuff.

I could be wrong with this of course, lets collect S1 beamshots :)

I don't want toxic green stuff here.

The pics from Don doesn't look too bad. Kind of looks like my Trustfire F23 tint.

As I said, I think that (in the picture) the left beam can not be a WARM white OGD. It must be a YELLOW OGD. Or is a exaggeration made by the camera....

It is extrange, is more yellow than warm white......... I looks as an incandescent bulb (but it is not, is a LED). Pure yellow

OK, Vectrex, the yellow color is produced both with Ni-MH and 14500?

The solution to solve this "enigma" is to dismantle the flashlight, and look the "numbers" written in one side. Then google them to guess what bin/quality/batch of OGD is

(is easy to do, you dont have to remove the emitter, only unscrew the pill and lift up the plastic protector that is over the LED

fran82, I think I don't understand what you mean. Incandescents don't emit yellow light, but warm white. Were you referring to the Black Cat beamshots I posted at all?

Also, are you referring to that tiny alphanumeric code that is printed on Golden Dragon emitters? Do you have any information about this?

OK, about the alphanumerics codes, in the DX product description page (in the page of AA-S1) you have explanation about them. Also can be found in google.

About the other thing. OK incandescent lights produce warm white not yellow. I cant not express correctly because I am Spanish, my English is not good.

I am trying to say, that in that picture, the left beam (FOR ME) is not warm white, is YELLOW!..... so if that beam was produced by an AA-S1, it can be that is the LED/driver defective, OR the new batch (from latter July or August) are shipping with an extrange tint of Osram Golden Dragon (probably the 5000K one)

ALSO, I know that the Black Cat can be found with several colors, including 2 tones of white: 5000K and 8000-9000K