Osram Oslon Square Uniform

I have tested a couple of Squares before years ago, the output and current handling were very good, on par with other high performing 3535 leds, and they also came in high CRI but the tints were always above the BBL and greenish.

This is the latest Square, called the Uniform because of its uniform tint over angle. It comes in 90+CRI. Sounds very promising, this led should perform wonderfully in optics without tint shifts, but would they have done the tint right this time?:

Datasheet: https://mouser.com/pdfDocs/GWCSSRMUCM_EN.pdf
Mouser has them in stock but I hesitate buying some for testing because the shipping, as usual with Mouser, is too high.

Edit: tint test in post#6

Edit2: here is a picture of the led

Mouser shipping for me is like $4. I actually have a Mouser order in transit now. I see they are $3.23 in qty 1 and about 3000 pieces available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Maybe I could send you a few in an envelope? Do you think that would work, and work much cheaper?

Just checked the order - paid $3.50 shipping, $2.79 taxes on $28.82 in parts. NYS has bout the highest taxes in the US unfortunately.

Thanks Tom for the offer, that would have been cheaper for me. But I got greedy :person_facepalming: and found that Digikey has a bit cheaper shipping than Mouser (still $18) so I just bought a couple anyway (4000K).

It would be a dream to have a xp-l hd replacement with good color rendition. Impatiently waiting for your measurements and impressions.

The output is likely not level xp-l but more level xp-g. So at max the output I think will be under 800 lumen (also because of the high CRI), from a smaller die than the xp-l.

Ok, I got the leds in, 4000K Oslon Square Uniform 90CRI, reflowed one and checked the tint and beam at 20mA, 1A and 2A. And frankly….there is nothing to see here. The beam is fine no problem, but the tint, as measured in the hotspot from a S2+ reflector, still is what Osram Square high CRI tints always have been except from the very first generation 7 years ago: well above the BBL. This one starts at 92CRI duv +0.0030 at 10mA, getting greener as current goes up, with CRI88 duv +0.0103 at 2A :person_facepalming: . No use checking these further :frowning:

Oh well, might have been worth a shot.

Yikes :weary:

That’s a shame :frowning:

Thanks for checking them out and sharing the info! Too bad they performed so poor…

I still might give the 2700K or 3000K a try.

You could, these leds are not expensive, for me they were a bit because of shipping from the US.

With tints like that I’ll just buy CSLNM1.F1

Tint mixing in multi-emitter lights could be an interesting application.