Osram video on how leds are made


It's just a video I had not seen and an FYI if anyone is interested. Shows some of the basics.

Fascinating. Thank you.
Not quite as simple as lighting a candle then. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty simple, I am going to make my own from now on. J) J) J)

Photos and a Video or it didn’t happen, LOL.

I’ve worked in a damn site worse conditions than those.

Interesting video, OL, thanks.

And they cost next to nothing!!! What a world we live in!! Don't you just love it!!

Thanks Justin!


Very cool! Thanks for finding and sharing. :)

What sort of person thinks these things up? Very clever ones I presume. Nice video OL even though I did not understand a thing about it. Like TP said these things cost next to nicks. Amazing. Mental note to oneself. Stop abusing these leds, dropping, soldering badly, over heating, etc as they are an amazing item.