Not sure what thread i should put this request on…

I have a microwave over my range and the bulb keeps going out many times a year (non-led bulb).
i have 2 options, either get an led bulb or attach a motion light under it (magnetic).

Do any of you have a suggestion on an attachable magnetic light to put under the microwave?
I have one now but it lights up every time there is motion in the kitchen, the battery dies within days…

I replaced mine with a cheapo led off of Amazon and haven’t had any issues after 2 years. It only works on “high” and flickers on “low”…so I just keep it on high.

Above my Microwave. and my bedhead.
have a coupla $5 LED lights. Front slide sw. 2 x 4inch lengths of LED
with front slider sw between them.

I also have LED strips to suit along hallway. Stairs, in Wardrobes. in garage.
Cheap efficient. Stick anywhere. and can run 240v mains and 12v battery to suit.
They give better light than globes. and use no power virtually.

One in kitchen over 3 yr old. 2aa cell x2 Used multiple times every evening.
Still on same cells.

I have the same set-up in my kitchen and last year both incandescent light bulbs eventually burned out. So I replaced them, but for whatever reason the light modes no longer worked, just high worked. I looked on eBay and a replacement control module for the 19 year old microwave was around $100. So I replaced 1 of the bulbs with a 1.5 watt 25 watt equivalent soft white LED bulb and it stays on high all the time. The other modes make the LED flicker. Not having a light over the stovetop is not an option for cooking. And given that it costs around $2 a year to run the LED bulb full time, it was the best option assuming the microwave will not last another 50 years.