A couple of days ago I overheard the following discourse between a mother and her teenage son. Because of how well the mother handled the situation, the exchange stuck with me.

The following happened while the mom was searching a parking lot with her son. I heard the following as I walked passed the pair.
Mom: (Without any anger in her voice, only a bit of frustration and disbelief.) “Oh hunny, how did you lose your uniform shirt?”
Son: (With irritation and frustration in his voice.) “I DON’T KNOW, how did you lose . . . your virginity!?”
Mom: (In a matter of fact manner.) “Your father is VERY handsome . . . and persistent.”

I couldn’t help but to LOL IRL at the mom’s answer. I NEVER would have thought of taking to my own mom like that. And, know what would have happened to me if I did.

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LOL. She handled that well.

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My Mom may have not done anything. But when she told my Dad… well, likely my ass would still be burning from the 3/4" alligator belt of his.