Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

Nice clamp setup! Is such extreme heat harmful to the cells or even dangerous?

It does make me wonder if this PLUS technology will be integrated into future Panasonic eneloop generations.

I am interested into knowing the performance of the XX compared to the white regular eneloop.

Interesting to see how it performs under high loads (more than 3 amps)

Thanks for sharing, mate!

The eneloop is rated for 50°C ambient, but it does not say what the maximum battery temperature is.

If the temperature gets to high it will damage the batteries, but if damage happens at 60°C, 100°C or even higher I cannot say.

Good to know, I thought once they started on a new generation they stopped making the old.

If you want to see some eneloop torture (please don`t watch fishinfool)

take a look at this link.
Look at the video half way down, and you can see the difference between the classic eneloop and the Plus.

Thanks, ChibiM. These pictures are very telling!

Similar to my overheated Uniross with bubbling wrapper:

So question then, I can get either 3rd generation or 4th eneloop’s what is more desirable?


4th gen, 300 more cycles (2100), same minimum capacity 1900 mAh (AA)/750 mAh (AAA).

Press release:

I didn’t realize until just now, reading this thread, that Panasonic acquired Sanyo, and are phasing them out. So my “Sanyo” eneloops are antiques and will be collector’s items in a hundred million years.

Hi all,

I am looking to buy some Eneloop cells for my Quark QP2A and Nitecore EA4w flashlights I have on the way and was wondering if it is worth spending the extra money to buy the higher capacity XX 2500mAh Eneloops over the standard 1500 cycle/2000mAh ones ?

Any advice ?

They have less life to them is my understanding.

See if you can find Sanyo Harmolattice for a cheap price, they are the same as Pro/XX but don’t come pre-charged. They are sold in many countries across Asia but find their way in to other countries as well (some local eBay sellers sell them here in Australia). You can save a bit of money off the Pro/XX price for the same cells with a different wrapper.

Personally I would only buy them unless I needed the extra run time, if you are going to use it for more than a hour in 1 go on high for example then they might be worth it but if you dont then you can recharge them more often and get more power from the regular eneloops over their life time.

Either will be fine, if you don’t need the long run times then it just comes down to personal preference.

What Ezarc said..

If you really need the runtime (if youre out in the country without being able to recharge batts go for the XX/PRO harmolattice..)

If you regularly (able to) charge the batteries, I think the standard would suffice.
especially if budget is tight, I would go for the classic.

Thanks guys. That is really helpful and exactly what I wanted to know.

Out of interest, what is the stated recharge cycles for the XX - is it 1,000 cycles ?

I thought it was 500.

yes, 500, see first and 2nd post of this thread...

  • Eneloop XX: 1st generation*4
    AAA: not existing

    ...AA: HR-3UWX 500cycles Rated 2,500mAh. Min 2,400mAh
  • Eneloop XX: 2nd generation *4
    HR-4UWXB 500cycles Min 900mAh
    ...AA: HR-3UWXB 500cycles Min 2,450mAh
  • Eneloop XX: 3rd generation *4
    BK-4HCC 500cycles Min 900mAh
    ...AA: BK-3HCC 500cycles Min 2,450mAh

OK, thanks. That is low. I think I will stick to the standard then.

Kind of.. but keep in mind that when you charge them once every week, you can use them almost for 10 years in a row ;)

Sounds better when you put it like that ;)

In any case, I have ordered the latest 1800 cycle Eneloops now.

Thanks for your help

"Thank YOU ChibiM and the other contributors too, of course, for starting and maintaining this wonderfully informing thread!

I recently received some Eneloop battery's from Amazon and was able to verify, by the above thread info, that as far as markings go, they seem to be genuine 2nd gens made in Dec 11 and Feb 13. I haven't started the torture cycle yet but I will post the results once I get a round toit.

Imho the problem with counterfeit merchandise isn't that it may work almost as well as the real deal, it's that you have been cheated on the deal by the merchant. Thanks all for helping to expose these ba...uh...behaviors.

Cheating for paper...

Do trees cry?