P60 and XPG - Perfect for each other?

I was using my L2T Ace with a MF/UF-XML 3-mode dropin. My L2T's forward clicky has a dead area while full clicking it and was causing the driver to sometimes change modes, so I decided to try a Solarforce XPG 1-mode (1.5A draw) dropin in this body.

And I love it! It might not be 1000 lumens but now it throws quite nicely for its size while keeping a nice flood. And I am wondering, does anyone else believes that XPG is a perfect led for P60 sized flashlights?

I believe it has the best balance between throw and flood, although the xml is great if it is only driven to 1.5 to 2 amps max. The xpg throws much better in a P60, but the xml has a very useful flood for close to medium distance.

I have 2 favorite P-60 drop ins both XPG a 3D and a 4B tint. I go back and forth over which tint I like better. The 2 amp XPG is perfect for a P-60 host it makes just enough heat that can be dissipated where a 3 amp XML makes to much on high.

I use a diffused lens on my P60 lights when I'm using an XML dropin for the perfect short to mid range flood beam .

I prefer a smooth reflector for XPGs .

I would disagree with the concept that the XP-G will throw better than an XM-L when used in a p60 Host. It is sort of an optical illusion, because the XP-G doesn't have as much spill, the hotspot looks brighter. But the XM-L has just as bright of a hotspot, it just has so much more bright spill around it that is does not seem like the hotspot is as bright.

Check out this link, post #2, and you will see the two compared with the mouseover. Both lights in that post are P60, but the XP-G is in an L2m, which is a single CR123, so they may not be driven the same. but you can see what I mean about the lack of spill making the hotspot look brighter.

I were just writing how much flood or throw he would get in a p60 to friend. I would write that he should have somewhat smaller emitter for throw but then I thought an XPG and an XML have the same angle of radiance so why should one throw further didn't make sense. I'm on the right track I guess. But still XMLs hot spot should be a bit more diffused and maybe dimmer for the same lumen values, shouldn't it?

I still prefer XPGs for sub 1.5a applications in p60s.

A 135 lm XPE throws up to 400m in a 52mm reflector while a 800 lm XML throws 470m in a 60-62mm reflector as they say for Fenix TK41. A fact I found a few mins ago, not on the topic, I know :)

Of all my lights my UF502B with an XPG SMO is my most used light. I love XPG's in P60's.

I have an XML in another 502B and one in a 501A (for the fun of it) but most of the time they are spraying lumens where I'm not actually looking and are wasting runtime in doing so.

BTW despite my appreciation of SF hosts my fav P60 host remains the 502B. A good one with a decent switch is nicely/smoothly pocketable and has a clip to stop it dropping too deep into pockets.

If I want the extra flood/spill of an XML in a reasonably sized package then a C8/MRV makes far best use of it and throws better than a P60 into the bargain.

I use my P60 lights diffused so it doesn’t make much difference with it’s a XP-G at 1.5A or a XM-L at 1.5A.
If I were not diffusing them and wanted some throw as well as spell I’d go for the XP=G. Its hot spot is brighter all other things equal (how it’s driven).
The more I use flashlights the more I find that I like one or the other regarding flood and throw. A diffused light with hi/med/lo throw enough on high for most of my uses and the beam is much more to my liking.
When I need throw it’s easy enough for me to carry two light and have throw come from a light that does only that.
The tradition beam with a larger outer circle and and smaller inner circle reminds me of the concept of bi-focal glasses. It may be convenient but it doesn’t appeal to me for some reason.

This sounds interesting. I still think it is an optical illusion, but I'll try to take some beamshots of XP-G and XM-L both in P60's. BTW, if all you want out of a P60 is the best throw, you should be using an XR-E, not an XP-G

Rather than pictures or before taking pictures measure the current to see if it is the same. Also use a lux meter (if you have one) and measure the hot spot in both (if driven the same).



Any update on this? I am intrigued and deciding on my first drop-in.

If you’re still stuck on deciding what drop in to get, why not get both? Generic P60 drop ins are pretty cheap and having two means you have a backup in case one fails. That way you’re not waiting if you either don’t like one or if one breaks.

If you want some decent throw and no overheat problems, I recommend XP-G2. Got 10kcd from one I built recently (1.4A, 4.5W).

XM-L2 at full power (10W) will give more light in total (flux [lumen]), probably throw about the same or a bit less, produce much heat, requires additional heat sinking and has less runtime.

XM-L2 @ 1.5A will give a very efficient, but not very throwy light.