**P60 design**

Hey guys im looking for some help on a custom P60 drop, i found a pic from CPF with measurements but id like to see if there correct ?

the reason for this is that id like to have a run made at a reasonable cost (not sure on cost yet) depends on the design i will have these done in copper and aluminum

i think a 20mm optic will be most used ? correct me if im wrong <<???

im looking for a design that will fit a 20mm optic and if u dont want to use a optic u can use a reflector

here is the pic i found i dont have a good drop in to measure from so i need some help :)

I can’t be of much help, but I would be interested if the price is right

Edit: I can measure one when I get home

i see that some are around $80ish for a complete one but it will be way cheaper than that

Yeah I would just want the empty heatsink in aluminum

Ok I measured a standard P60 shell without the spring.

D= 2.27

Those match pretty well with the graphic

The “B” value can be made bigger for better thermal contact. On a Solarforce L2m that area of the light is 22.35mm wide, on a wf-502b it is 23.93mm.

I think the 26mm / 26.5mm optics would be more appropriate than 20mm?

yea your correct wight i must been thinking about my other HS, for the bottom should i have it to fit a 20mm board and use a brass ring to fit a 17mm driver if needed ?

The bottom of this assembly extends into the battery tube IIRC. There is not enough space for a 20mm driver, so you should stick with 17mm.

thanks wight im brain storming with out a host in my hands, the mail man has mine :)

yes, wight remembers correctly. the angled bit at the bottom has to fit past a retaining ledge in the host. it has to stay a 17mm driver and the heatsink will need to be stepped/angled accordingly

A triple 17dd P60. Me like :slight_smile:

that's what im shooting for,

i would like to get yet another p60 host for testing this hs any recommendations on what to buy ??

IMO Solarforce is the only cheap brand which sells P60 hosts and can also be counted on to have consistent tolerances. All your other options which are consistent enough for snug mass produced heatsinks are either expensive or really expensive.

imo a solarforce host is a must-have for a flashlight enthusiast. A wf-502b costs $5, a solarforce l2 costs$12. Having both, it’s amazing what that extra $7 gets you. The solarforce is completely worth the money.

might get this




What about doing a quad version? Quad XPL + DD?

I like the silver plated ones that was produced just awhile back but all that copper is too heavy. I’d be interested in some aluminum ones.

L2T is one of my favorite host from Solarforce. I believe the P1 has lots of plastic and may not be the best choice for a hot drop in.

Correct, for those who want that shape the P1D is the way to go. Same lines, but in solid aluminum.

As far as a quad XP-L, I think the general idea is the same here as the problem with the X6 quads… better to build an EE X6 w/ Cute-3 and domed XP-L emitters. You’ll get more light [by skipping the dedome which is required for 24mm quads], less heat, and it’s apparently a solid host.

Nitro is either going to have to pick a height or produce a sandwich. All these different optics have different heights:

  • reflector
  • 20mm Carclo triple / 24mm Carclo quad
  • 20mm Khatod triple (deeper)
  • 20mm single
  • 26.5mm single

My vote is for either one of the carlco triple or quad

Let's have a re-interest in the p60 lights.. they seem to have lost their love recently.

I'm still wanting that blue l2p