**P60 design**

These will be pretty much the same as the ones Mattaus did recently I assume?

yea i just read his thread but something just like it

I’ll be watching this post because I also looking for a reasonable price for custom P60 dropin.
Can’t wait to see the progress :slight_smile:

AFAIK, there’s a little difference on Solarforce host vs Surefire one.
That’s why Solarforce’s dropin need a spring to be attached.

I don’t understand what you are saying. Solarforce and Surefire both normally use a spring. Here is Surefire’s P60: http://www.surefire.com/p60lamp.html

Here’s the case, sometimes the big/outter spring need to be removed/added to fit Surefire host.

I don’t know the problem is in the dropin or in the host, I only have one Surefire host and already sold my Solarforce host. So I can’t check it for comparison.

I’m sorry for putting a link to other forum here.

The link to CPF is fine, nobody minds.

I skimmed the thread. From what I can see, most of those folks are discussing Surefire dropins being small (and thus not working in 18650-bored lights like the Solarforce). That doesn’t prevent larger dropins from working in a Surefire though. Only jp2515 mentions the “remove the spring” thing.

I remember that I still keep an L2 body (body only) at home.
I’ll check it and post it here later.

FYI there’s a great deal here http://www.solarforceflashlight-sales.com/product_detail.php?t=FB&s=1&id=19
Just $9.9, I hope it’s still available.

I think it would be cool if someone with access to or have the resources of CNC milling machine to make and sell an affordable (this is BUDGET Light Forum after all) custom P60 dropin module that houses around a 20mm optic (single or multiple) so that we can build our own high quality dropin like a Malkoff M60. Maybe someone could put together a group buy for something like that?

im working on it that's the point of this thread ;) i try to keep it budget but like the x6 u got to buy the copper material (expensive) and paying the machine shop for labor ext...........once my solarforce hosts gets here im ready to make them

Alright, now we’re talking… Count me in if you do. Though honestly I wouldn’t mind having some made in Aluminum or Brass (like the Malkoff M60) if they’re more cost effective.

I would definitely be interested in one of these. I have an empty L2N host that is screaming for a de-domed triple XP-L with a FET driver.

im looking to have around 100 made plus looking for a good design for a quad build

are you talking about doing a triple or single emitter style for this p60 shell ? or both? I know bushwhacked just did a copy run of Mattaus triples with center holes but those are gone. It seems hard to find single emitter with sides holes, like malkoff style I guess I would call it?

Mattaus for reference:

well doing a single emitter will not be hard to have made im talking about a quad using 4 led's so the inside will have to be bored out to have a quad optic work/fit

Well the 20/24mm quad boards are no longer available now….

There are these available.

These are used with carclo 106 optics.

Cutter have a quad board in 24mm but I have no idea if its what your after.


It’s not a copper board so it would be hard to justify a copper shell if you can’t drive the LEDs very hard. Good for an aluminum shell though.

It’s doable, sinner was working toward building a P60 host and P60 blanks. Good luck.

my copper p60 should be done in about 2 weeks if that,im working on a kit like the p60 pill,copper board,and optic

and ill be building complete kits so they will be complete drop-ins