P60 Dropin

Hi all!

I have a couple P60 dropins, but all of them have some problem.They are from DX, KAI, Solarforce......give's not enough amperage, the mode memory is tricky etc.

I figured i'm buliding a pair P60 my self. From XR-E R2, and XP-G R5.
I have upgraded some of my P60. I swap the driver on DX sku:11836 for an AMC7135 1050mA sku: 1885.

(I prefered the 1 mode drivers, becouse i most use my FL for hunting, stalking etc. Or directly on a gun, with remote pressure switch)

Help me chose a driver that are:
- 4V-18V (8,4V) /minimum for one 18650 sometimes 2/
- gives 1.2A or 1.4A
- 1 mode
- 16-17mm

I have see on DX the sku:26110 but i have no experiences with this driver.
I read that can gives 1.4-1.5A when i add a 1 ohm resistor in parallel with the 0.2 ohm resistor. For that reason figured that will good for R5.

For an 1 mode R5 dropin (with 1x18650) will be good the AMC7135 1400mA? That i have from KAI.

Were can i buy R2 emitter on 16mm star board? (I know, i pull out from an sku: 11836)

Which R5 are better, DX or KAI? (which have cooler tint)

Thank you for your answers, advice, and sorry for the bad english!

Used AX2002 chip last time I bought one. Very efficient, can output up to 2A without extra cooling and 3A with cooling. Output is calculated based on the formula 0.25/Rs=Iout. 0.2 ohm in parallel with 1 ohm gives 0.167 ohm for Rs, so 0.25/0.167=1.50A output. Works best on 6V or higher supply voltage.

Yes it is a good regulator to use, also very efficient when the voltage overhead (source voltage over Vf) is small. Just make sure to not feed it more than 5-ish volts, or one li-ion cell.

There is no way to know in advance what tint bin you're going to get when ordering from DX or KD, and your english is fine : )

Thanks Spambot!