P60 style reflector for a D Maglite?

Hi BLF, I am looking for a reflector for a D cell Maglite that will give me a beam pattern as close as possible to a textured XM-L P60 reflector, ie: the biggest hotspot possible and bright spill (mega throw isn’t required).

I have seen there’s a range of OP reflectors from the typical suppliers (DX etc) in different diameters and depths, but I was wondering if someone could recommend me a starting point, to remove as much trial and error as possible.

I would prefer a full size 50mm diameter reflector if possible, but I realise a bigger reflector typically increases throw and reduces beam angle. I have access to a lathe and bar stock so I can use a smaller diameter reflector if necessary, and just make a spacer ring for it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!




Thanks for the links! I have seen them but thought they might be too concentrated/throwy. Can anyone offer any feedback on the beam pattern of those two reflectors?