P7 flashlights have dropped the price?

Sorry for the semi-off topic.

Is only my guess or....... now that the XM-L is available, now there are P7 flashlights cheaper?

For example this, diferent brand, some months ago, 28 dollars, today 23.30 dollar:


Today DX put a new batch of P7 lights, some cheap, other not so cheap.....










And all of them just crying out for an XM-L transplant. I expect they are clearing out their stocks of these so they can make XM-L's instead.

I'll pass

There is no point in buying MC-E or P7

Indeed. Also the specs... All say regulated at 2,8A and runtimes on high of 2,5h. Sounds 1A max to me and that is pure rubbish for P7. If driven at 2,8 wouldn't be that bad but all are single 18650 and 4.2V max to boot, which make them a runtime rat. Tint looks rather greensih.

Anyone got theit XM-L yet? All pictures i saw were quite blue... I hope the t6 bin doesen't turn to be White cold extreme polar icy blue...

And all of them just crying out for an XM-L transplant.


the P7 is still a reliable contender in my book.

it puts out decent lumens in the right bins.

a C bin is FAR outdated. D isnt bad tho.

remember that the "1000" lumens is at 3.0 amp

the D bin produces 900 at 2.8amps

close enough for me :-)

esp if they get cheaper. and with the newer bins being better, the P7 will be around a while

The MC-E i think is done tho. I only away the MC-E's to get cheaper, cause ill swallow up a bunch of them! thats if they are M bin and above

The P7 uses the MC-E dies - Seoul Semiconductor add their own phosphors and optics. A lot of people prefer the beam from the P7 to that from the MC-E.

But SSC never get the brightest bins from Cree who keep them for themselves.

this is true, but that doesnt mean the P7 wont continue to be sold

i bet Cree will stop "MC-E" production for sales, but will still make them for SSC.

that is unless SSC see's the need to mod the XM-L lol

If Cree will sell them the dies.

I wouldn't see why Cree wouldn't sell SSC the dies now, especially if Cree stops their own production on the MC-E. Might as well make money off of older technology when you can, right?

Kind of reminds of ID Software (Doom, Quake series) and their rendering engines for video games - ID games would always have the latest and greatest, and they'd license their last-generation software (good, but not the best) to other companies.

The one thing that I could see really keeping this from happening is if Cree runs in to production capacity problems and needs to machine time for the XM-L dies.

that could happen, based on all i've read. we'll see, but it seem that the xm-l's will "outshine" everything, except they still won't work best as throwers.