PA40 at $54 USD: Steal of a DEAL!!!

Hey…I was just checking on the PA40 that I bought and it’s on sell w/ the same seller for $54!!! I’m a bit flustered that I didn’t get the deal, but the $60 was a pretty good deal as it is.

Here’s the link:…

FWIW, I have no connection to this seller. Just passing along what I think is a great deal.

Thanks for heads up!

if i wasn’t broke i would get one, who doesn’t want to brag about having a carbon fiber light? lol plus its AA, makes it practical

wow, nice catch on that price. Even with having to pay 8.75% CA sales tax, that is still between 12 and 20 dollars cheaper than it sells elsewhere. So I snagged one…thanks for the thread about this.

You’re welcome. This site has helped me out, so I return the favor.

That is a very good price!

I got one of those last december from at a similarly discounted price (on one of their ‘daily deals’), great light!

- greg

PS is that OK to name a merchant here at BLF? sorry if not allowed 0:)

If we couldn’t name merchants, no-one would be able to pass on the details of great deals. That would be tragic.

LOL indeed that would be sad
I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going against any rules

My PA40W is my favorite non EDC light. Love everything about it! Its my go-too out door light. Nice deal on this one. I paid $70 last year.


That is one of the great features of this forum. Feel free!


In retrospect that was a rather silly question :slight_smile:

naa…always better to play it safe.

Very nice deal, my first one cost me $75 in May. That was the cheapest at the time.

FWIW, I sent them and email hinting I was a little bummed that they just dropped the price after I bought, but it was still a great price at $60 and that I was sending more business their way via this and a few other posts I made in forums. I also thanked them for the fast shipping. They refunded me the difference, $6! Altatac is a.o.k in my book.

That’s good customer service in my book.

To make you feel even better, I thought I got a good deal on the PA40 back in February, when I got one from Amazon UK (via Germany) for GB£ 55. Yep, thats about $85.

Nice light. I don’t mind paying over the odds. No really, I don’t. Really. :cry:

My wife will tell you I probably “over shop” some. I look at bang for buck (not just cheapest), and just happened on this sweet deal when I was narrowing it down between this light, the E40, LD40, LD41, and was kind of thinking about the caveman too (which I may still get, but it doesn’t fill the nitch I wanted to fill w/ my PA40). When it comes big purchases I research a lot!

FWIW, I just happened upon the fact that Altatac is also selling them via (another great place to shop online) for the same price, $59.99.

Also, the PA40 will easily tail stand if you have the lanyard on it. Just put the lanyard cincher under the side opposite the side that the lanyard attaches to and it works great. Used it a number of times. If you’re the type that doesn’t want to have the lanyard attached (which I don’t know why you wouldn’t for this type of light) then any object that’s approximately 6mm thick will work.

Anyone received their light yet? Mine is overdue. Seller non-responsive so far.