Package returned to Tmart, but they can NOT send all items again?!

Ok guys, any Idea on this:

I´ve placed my very first order on Tmart on the 27. August and they (said they) shipped it on the 28.
Yesterday I got a mail saying my package was returned

“Sorry to inform you that the package was returned to us for some reason by the post office.
Would you please tell us your decision whether you like us reship the items,or you like refund?”

I said I want them to ship it again.
And today their next mail says two of my ordered items are out of stock and if I still want the other items. Yes, I want, but wtf?
If my initial package was returned, the two items should be IN THAT package, right? Plus, they are STILL available on the website- well, at least I could order them.

I´ve sent them another email asking about this. But I wonder if you have any ideas here.

57 Days… Refund and reorder? I’m not too familiar with the paypal claims, but if it doesn’t turn up during the reship I would assume they could just ignore you and not have to do anything else since its past the 45 days.

They might not resell returned items like they are new.

I would always take a refund then reorder on my own. New 45day paypal claim window. Is there any benefit in having any seller “reship”?

On the two out of stock items, I’d guess the “in stock” status on their site might be lying a bit.

Unfortunately I already agreed to reship my order. It´s only some cheap items, so I won´t die if they screw me. However, at this point this was my first and last order for Tmart : /

I think many large online sales operations with slim margins have a package return department that is completely detached from order fulfillment. I presume in order to keep productivity up and costs down. “Reship” often results in them sending completely new items. T-mart likely doesn’t even have a place to hold returned items aside until they find out if a customer would like refund or reship.

Yet another example of why the story we are getting about this "shipping problem" does not add up. It just seems we are not being told everything.

I'm starting to think twice about ordering direct from China anymore. This headache of monitoring all my orders to dispute and then monitoring the dispute to escalate is becomming too much of a hassle.