Pair of DQG's

One I got as a host from a member in europe, the other I got from somewhere closer. Both fitted with kaidomain triple 219c 4000k and fet drivers from mountain electronics. Both drivers are using the super simple star momentary firmware. One driver is + 7135 with 3 modes (2% 15% 100) and the other is only 2 mode (15 100%).

The optic I used is exactly the same size as the ID of the bezel so I made a ring to capture the optic.

Once I had it all fitted the light didn’t function properly. It wouldn’t turn on, it would turn on then jump to high, then it would turn on straight to high, then it wouldn’t turn on again. It was totally sporadic and I figured there must be a short either in the switch or on the switch to body. I removed the driver and unsoldered the switch but further testing of the driver (outside of the host) didn’t change anything, it still behaved erratically. Electronics are not my thing so the driver went in the bin and I replaced it with the same. This time when I heated the driver retaining ring (to solder to the driver) I over did the heat a bit and desoldered 1-2 of the components :confounded: Luckily I was able to get them back in place and the driver still worked :crown:

I repeated the mod with the second DQG only this one went a little easier as it had the original driver retaining ring. All I did was add a ring to the front of the driver so it was sandwiched.

I don’t have any beamshots yet but I’m a little surprised at the different colour temps of the leds. Both triples are meant to be 4000k and they came in the same order but there is an obvious difference. One looks 4000k and very warm. The other looks 4500k or possibly higher, it looks closer to 5000k than it does 4000k. At least to my eyes anyway :nerd_face: I am thinking of a way to add a clip to the black one that is not the clip-on type but fixed somehow…. maybe later.

BTW yes they get hot on high and no there is no turbo timer or thermal control :smiling_imp:

Very nice lights. :slight_smile:

Nice. :+1:

Nicely done :+1:

Nice job pinkpanda :+1: .
I have done 2 of these mods now and both had their challenges. I got better the second time around, same as you.
One major problem I had was the switch leg touching ground, when it grounds the mcu thinks you hit the switch button.
The driver and the bottom ring are not held in place with anything or the copper heatsink in the light. So they move around and can ground out the switch. Tighten the bezel can move the parts above the driver shelf.

Nice. I’d be happy to just change the emitter on mine

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the tips 007. I did actually lay some kapton tape over the switch before the last install to try and prevent shorting. What I am worried about is the pass-through (+led wire) fatiguing since it’s a pretty short run from the spring to the mcpcb.

RobertB I think it would be near impossible for me to change the led on a stock light :person_facepalming:

You can ask DQG do do a custom for you.

Wow! Nice mods!

Nicely done!

Thanks for the great pics.

I took some beam shots with my daughters camera tonight. I’m still not a full bottle on how to control that thing. I managed to fix the f/3.5 and ISO 6400 but the shutter speed is still something I haven’t worked out. After looking at the shots the tint difference between the DQG’s is not nearly as much as I thought it was. I swear when I was shining around in the garage the other night the difference seemed greater, and yes I was comparing to the manker E14 at the time.

Anywho, here is the line up - Manker E14 219b 5000k > Black DQG 219c 4000k > Grey DQG 219c 4000k > AT40 xpg3 5000k > AT40 219c 5000k

Manker E14 219b 5000k

Black DQG 219c 4000k

Grey DQG 219c 4000k

AT40 xpg3 5000k

AT40 219c 5000k