Palight Star GS1200

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Palight Star GS1200 the probably best made flashlight I have purchased so far. And I am doubly surprised to find how little it is spoken of here on the forum.

-Some of the best quality machining I’ve seen, as good or better than the BLF D80 Cree XM L2
-Has a turbo setting that looks like a direct drive, It’s just as bright as my other DD xml2’s
-Brass switch end cap, well made and allows body to have fewer pieces
-Omen switch
-no pill

I just wish I could figure out how to up load photos with this ridiculous photo uploader, why cant I just upload them straight from my harddrive?! Thanks to pilotdog68 here are some images:

You just might be the only person here to have bought one. The gearbest listing doesn’t make it look very remarkable.

Feel free to write a review and take pictures. Just use imgur to upload, you don’t even need to make an account.

Product Page

Yeah like to see a review.
That tail looks interesting but cannot see enough details
Nice thick light

I have been looking at that one for a good while. I think this may be enough to make me jump. I wish it had no strobe modes, I find the reason I replace more driver is to get good modes!

is that a braided tailcap spring?

yes, but its my doing, sorry, shouldve mentioned it

It loks good!
My issue with Palight was that every time I saw one it seemed like a bit too pricy, not a budget brand and not an A-brand but somewhere in between.
When I read the Boss review and saw the very short threads connecting the batterytube with the head that looked real budget to me, so I kind of written off Palight thinking it is budget quality for a higher price.
I like the tail on yours and judging by your OP it seems they are doing good things and I could have been too hasty on them.

Nice, we need a lower price on this one

Just stumbled on this beauty surfing Gearbest. I really like this, striking classy looks that scream well built.

Only $24.67 with 8% off coupon, (light only w/o charger/battery)
Was the price higher before?

Looks like a huge thick brass pill.
Curious how this throws, how its built inside and how hard it would be to swap the driver/LED.

Noticed this light while browsing Gearbest new arrivals and ordered.
Only takes 26650 batteries shorter than 68mm in length so protected batteries won’t fit.
Ordered a couple of MXJO IMR26650F batteries from NKON so its starting to get a little expensive.

Gone, gone, gone, what happened to these?

I really wish I would have jumped on one of these back in April. Out of stock everywhere, google shows very little.

I contacted Gearbest and here was their reply: “we are very sorry to inform you that the item 168529602 cannot be sold anymore on our website due to supplier’s issues”

EDIT: Found a few on ebay but nearly double the price ($43.69) and another triple the price ($63.92) Best offer submitted submitted on both, but the counteroffers were $40.00 & $63.00