Panasonic 3400 - CNQG

Got three of these on order from CNGQ.

Customer service were good enough to email me pre shipping that the latest batch of Panasonic 3400s are slightly defective:

Defects appear to be cosmetic, so I’ve gone ahead with the order.Any opinions?

spot welding marks

torn off conductors

these cells originate from a cell pack (laptop, etc.)


how much you pay

If these were genuine I would have thought Panasonic had better QC, or perhaps as these are unprotected 18650 batteries made to fit inside laptops they’re not so concerned about slight cosmetic issues? I’m just concerned maybe I’m not getting what I’ve ordered…

Thanks Kreisler, $10.50 each. Looks like I’ll cancel the order.

I suppose they could be new batteries with the tabs torn off (sloppily I may add). But they look more like used batteries from some kind of pack, like keisler says… Look like all the ones I pull from laptop packs. Too pricey for used I think.

Thanks Ubehebe,

And my intentions certainly weren’t used laptop batteries. I’ve emailed CNQuality goods to cancel the order.

i luve it how so many of you guys misspell the nick (kriesler, keisler, kreisl, kreis, kraisler, ..).

Geman is tough langruage ;)

Those were probably originally tabbed, and the tabs removed.

I've disassembled a couple of laptop battery packs and they sure look like they have had tabs spot welded.
You can't say 100% they were used especially since this model has been recently released on the market. Maybe these cells simply had tabs and they took them off, they were not necessarily used and most likely they were not.

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if the CNQG website says that these un-tabbed Panasonic's are unused, then i would believe them. we do believe the Ch*nese, dont we?


The reason for my misspellings — which drives me nuts — is that when I go to write a reply, the message thread disappears! So I have to go by memory, which ain’t very good any more. I could open another browser and look at the thread, but I’m too lazy.

But sorry for the misspelling. I’m an editor/writer so those mistakes just kill me.

My real last name is also German and much harder to spell. You’re lucky yours is so easy.

while it's true that the word is a German last name (e.g. the classical composer K.) i am glad that my real last name is not it. hehe.

One thing you’d have to do is eliminate the sharp edges on those torn tabs. Like I said, I tear apart lots of battery packs, and those tab remnants can be like razor blades. I sand mine down VERY carefully — so as not hit the real metal — with a dremmel.

>>>>>> i am glad that my real last name is not it.

Yeah, as much as I like everyone here, using a real name is not a good idea on any forum.

I don’t doubt CNQG, they did email me straight away with the pics which is good service, but perhaps there’s reason to doubt their suppliers or other third parties. Or maybe I’m just overreacting. :~

Vasss? Ess eest neesht zo tuph…

>>>>>they did email me straight away with the pics which is good service,

Actually, that is pretty darn amazing customer service. I’ve never has ANY ebay seller (I know yours isn’t an ebay seller) e-mail a photo to show something changed. And I have something like 1000 buys at this point.

Deutche sprache, schwere sprache…….

I agree they had tabs and these were removed. I doubt they have been used.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but does anyone know where I can get some top quality 18650s? I’m currently using TF flames @ 2400mAh, and I want to compare them so some well documented batteries.