Panasonic 42" Plasma TV for $399

If I were in the US, I would grab a couple of these:

Sears is having these plasma TV’s for sale for $399. :wave:

Verge article:


I’ll have to look into this. I have the 720p earlier version of this TV. It is still solid. This adds wifi and 1080p.
Need to evaluate my future prospect for 3D.
Thanks for posting.

I haven’t been staying abreast of the pros and cons of various TV configurations the past few years. Are there still advantages that the Plasma may have over an LCD display? What about LED backlight, is that an important advantage? Isn’t one disadvantage of the Plasma the higher power draw? Isn’t one advantage viewing in daylight, less reflection or something? For many people not sure if that would be a disadvantage, as I assume most end up watching their sets in the evening anyway.

You’re correct about plasma’s generating more heat because it draws quite a lot of current. There were burn-ins seen in older generation models but that has been addressed to a significant extent.

I don’t really like LED TV’s and monitors because they have pretty annoying PWM if not properly designed, just like flashlight PWM on cheaper models. I still use a cold cathode fluorescent lamp because even though it still uses PWM, it’s not as apparent because the tubes still glow even after power is cut off for a brief moment.

I would love to have this plasma TV for a nice PC monitor. :slight_smile:

Plasma has almost no motion blur, better contrast, and able to product more colors.

Thanks for that. I value the opinions of people here more than I would elsewhere.

I have had the same Samsung 720P Plasma for years. When I first got it most Torrent download options were SD resolution. However, 90% of my viewing is now HD content that I download via NZB’s or Torrents and watch using XBMC media center. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to get 1080p content which is only a half GB larger than the 720p stuff, so I’ve been wondering if I’d notice enough of a difference with a 1080p Television to justify one. So far when my friends have bought a modern TV, all I see is the ability for them to plug a USB device into it, and then have all sorts of hassles with not having the proper or updated codecs embedded in the TV’s firmware, so in the end they have to go back to doing which I have always done: plugging a computer into their TV and using XBMC or VLC to decode.

So it sounds like this would indeed be a good buy, unfortunately the same deal is not available in Canada. Probably a bit large to ask Fasttech to SKU it and ship for free in a bubble envelope.