Parallel 18650


I recently salvage a parallel 18650. It’s solder together parallel to ea other. Can I put one in a charger to charge both cells? Thank you.

Yes You can.
Charging time will be doubled because in ideal case every cell get a half of charging current.

They will be balance charged. Parallel cells will equalize their charge state. I do this for a few 2x18650 lights I have with salvaged cells I just left attached.
Serial cells will not balance.

Many thanks guys.

So, I can’t use a charger to charge it?

A regular 18650 cell charger? Sure. Stick one cell in, let the other one stick out. As they are in parallel both will charge at the same time. It’s just like putting a cell 2x as big in.
You can monitor it with a voltmeter while it’s charging to put your mind at ease.