[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Yeah I like it too!

The joking around is what keeps me coming back to his youtube channel.

How much current the the XHP35 in this light WILL BE RUNNING at the maximum ?

I tried to search for any more info about the driver i didn’t find ,plz f any one can post a link for it i will be greatfull

In stock form it will be running 2.5A in turbo mode. This could be increased slightly if you wanted a few more lumens but the heat would drastically increase as well.

2.5A nice that is going to be almost 2600 lumens

While the XHP-35 CAN take up to around 3.11A, it’s in it’s sweet spot around 2.5-2.6A. Going higher doesn’t give all that much output just a lot more heat, so it’s pretty pointless.

Please add me to the list and PM me with down payment details - thanks :wink:

Maybe a dedomed SST-40 or dedomed XPL W2 would have a shot at that - close to 2,000 lumens, at or close to 2,000 kcd. Should do better than a dedomed XHP35 HD I would think.

Initial payment sent! #766

Welcome to BLF!
PM send

@Boldo tomorrow will do

I'm keen for one too, can I get a pm for a down payment please?

Edit: Cheers mate

when will the last payment 97$ be asked, i want to order another light, but if i order it, i can’t afford blf gt at least until the end of the month

sorry, but that has to be one of the butt-ugliest , mickey mouse, l;ooking flashlights ive ever seen in my 53 years…
looks like the head is paper mache, with a 2 dollar spray can paint job ?
it might throw like crazy, butt……… :person_facepalming:

I doubt that it will be ready before the end of the month since it has not even gone into production yet.

glad to hear that, gonna order mf-01

The head is 3D Printed

I remember the original 3D printing, it was call machining. (I get the the benefit of 3D printing. Less wasted material.) Most 3D printing looks janky to me too nodoubt.

It can look really nice if you do it right, it just takes a lot longer. I am kinda surprised they sell this as a finalized light looking like that to be honest. Even a basic sanding on the outside would vastly improve the look. Add in some acetone treatment and it could look really darn good.

They probably just did it to get as much profit margin as possible.
3d printing is basically the cheapest way to stick a lens in front of a cheap flashlight host like the UF1505.
Maybe they just wanted to get world record of longest throw production LED flashlight? Regardless of quality and effort?

Does the acetone kind of melt the surface together for a smoother appearance? Just wondering, haven’t seen 3D printed stuff.