[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!

Indeed, Neal has been having internet issues due to some recent changes the China government made and has been hard to get ahold of the last week or 2. Generally he can only talk for a few minutes at a time.

No word on the exact email address or anything like that. He simply said that lumintop will need to handle the rest of the issues, he is just a middleman at this point.

I am trying to get more info but like I said, it is hard.

This means that my bag wasn’t even shipped yet?

I think that it was shipped but there were customs issues or something. He was not real clear on it and it was hard to keep track of each order.

Yes, I remember. The thin Registered Mail box that got wet and soggy then was dropped.

Ah ok. Let’s just wait some more and see what happens. Thanks.

Suddenly lumintop got in contact with me and let me know they are officially moving forward with The XHP70.2 GT after over a year of trying to talk them into it.

I am guessing the XHP70.2 GT’s that sold on ebay for $495 played a large role in the sudden interest. Thanks to whoever bought those for getting this ball moving!

They nearly lost money on the last GT group buy, they only turned a profit with the last few hundred sells and it scared them. To put peoples minds at ease, the group buy price on the light will be much less then $500, still working on the exact pricing but I am trying to get them as low as possible. It will also be much smoother then time around.

Still got details to work out before I start a thread for it but it is in the works officially now. They are saying 2 months since most of the parts are re-used from the GT. Based on the GT GB, I figure 3+ months is a good guess but would love to be proven wrong lol.

Going forward on the group buys that I run I am hoping to keep them to a start to finish timeline of ~3 months. I can’t do another year long life eating group buy. 80 hour weeks are no fun. Plus I really feel bad for all the people that had to wait months and months for the lights, it was not fair to them.

Lastly lumintop ALSO suddenly showed interest in another project I have been pitching them for almost a year now as well. It would be the biggest and most expensive BLF light so far by a fair margin but boy, would it be a light like nothing else on the market…… :innocent: :wink: :cowboy_hat_face:

I have been telling them, if they build it, they will come but it seems they needed some evidence of that.

I am in for the most expensive BLF secret light :smiling_imp:

The MF04 or MT70 will have XHP70.2 too. I think tats a further Argument for them.

The GT will gave more fins and battery runtime for such a Project.

I’m interested in the gt 70.2 if there is a gb list put me on it please

I will be opening a thread for a list as soon as we work out some final details.

If all goes to plan the thread should go live this week.

Included in that thread should be the XHP70.2 conversion kits.

No worries
Will be watching in anticipation,
Even if an upgrade option is put into production I would be interested,
It doesn’t have to be a full gt unit.
Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your blf family.

I’d be a n for an upgrade kit too.

Hello, who can assist me with my getting my BLF GT? there was an issue with sending my original address and I have providing an alternate address, so still waiting as of this message.

The Lumintop link sale has 3$ a piece for the GT and 40 units available - 3$ a piece?

I’m interested also

Your not looking close enough. Its the carry strap that’s $3.

I see you were #271 on the list. Did you make the deposit?

There was a final payment deadline of Dec 30, if I recall correctly. Did you get a personal message with the payment instructions? Did you pay, but had an issue with the shipping address?

Yes and yes. Completed the deposit and final payment in a timely manner.

There was an issue with shipping g to my original address and I provided an alternate address.

Did you fill out the most recent BLF GT outstanding issues survey

I would do that. Hopefully Lumintop is taking over this survey.

Then I would get into contact with Lumintop (Marketing.Lumintop@gmail.com) and explain that you were #271, made you deposit, made your final payment, but there was an issue with your address and that the whole thing seemed to slip through the cracks.

You can also send Neal a personal message just in case he is able to help out, but I think Lumintop are handling issues like this.

ooohhhhhh nice nice! waiting for more info :D

But it should beat the Acebeam X70 by a fair margain :D