Part request: Flat top 14mm boots

I'm looking for 14mm tailcap switch boots that have a very flat profile. They're generally for lights capable of tailstanding (my Yezl Z1X has this type). I can find boots everywhere but they all appear to be the typical, more rounded type or I just can't tell by the picture in the items description. If somebody could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

These are the ones I use.

And the tops of them are flat rather than rounded?

I have a number of 16mm ones. They seem more common in that size. I'm still not having any luck finding any.

Sorry, I wasn't direction that at you, BST. I was just making an observation. I'm looking for regular 14mm sized boots with a 18 mm or so flange.

Here's the type:

Exactly what Triker said trim the nub and they are flat. I use these trim the nub and if it still won't tail stand a small rubber band or oring moves it in enough so practically any light will tail stand. I have one on my Yezl Z1 I like the all blacked out look.

I still don't think they're quite the same, but I guess it wont hurt to order them to find out. Thanks guys!

I don't really NEED any. That's the problem with this damn hobby. :)

From your pics (and thank you for showing me) I'm pretty sure they aren't what I'm looking for. The one in the picture I posted from Manafont is relatively firm. Its nothing critical, I just wanted to try them on some other lights and possible get some black ones.

I had some tail standing boots from DX...

These are a mm or two shorter, and are a lot more flat to start off with than the conventional ones from DX. I used it to replace the conventional one and it allowed tail standing in the switched on position (forward clicky)

Edit... its sold out........ But a worthy starting point for a search for the ideal tail cap.

That looks like what I'm wanting. Even the color would be a change of pace. Thank you for pointing these out. I hadn't seen them somehow.

This picture show the shape best:

They were only available for a short period, I heard.
Make a product request, maybe they could get them again… I did so, too.