Payment Thread for C-10 BLF (Refunds sent because FT didn't honor their price)

LOL Fast Tech is such a joke. They even overcharged me on the lights I ordered to get modded. I’m not asking for any money just pointing out what a messed up bunch they are. The original price was 50 but that was for the Logo. Ten was all that was needed for the “wholesale” price. But hey they did charge me 2 cents less for the emitters. I’m expecting them to fix it. So again don’t send me any money for this, I got it.

I’m just posting this so people will know what to expect if they try to order in bulk from them.

This was the original price quote.

And this was what they ended up charging me.

OK so here we go again. I sent them their order and waited and waited then they got back to me tonight and said that they wouldn’t give me the price they quoted unless they were shipping to one address. Needless to say this was not what they said when this started. The reason I went with them was because they would ship to everyone at the price they quoted. I don’t know what their problem is, but I’m more than a little ticked off.

I am sorry for all this trouble.

They said they will honor the price (or close to it) for the orders that are being shipped to me. So I am going to go ahead with the orders for the lights that were being shipped to me for modding. I guess for this order I just place it like a regular order and then they “refund” me the difference in price. They had better not mess this part up too bad. I’ll be crossing my fingers that they actually refund me the difference.

Just in case anyone is wondering. They now say that the prices I was quoted are good for any order of 10 or more. So if you do want to buy 10 drivers or 10 emitters you can get them yourself at the price I posted.

A small explination of what I think went wrong with this. When this started I was dealing with one rep. Then they bounced me over to another rep. That rep bounced me to a rep that was with their drop shipping department. Total lack of communication even though I was in pretty much daily contact with them. Well at least I wrote them every day. Often they took four days to get back to me.

My apologies to everyone involved. My thanks also for all the kind words and understanding.

So I sent the full order in with everyone’s names, addresses and orders and this morning I get this message.

So after quoting the price and assuring me that they could do this they have now changed their minds and are saying that they can’t do it after all. ARGGGGGG I am so ticked off right now.

Now that we can’t get the LOGO Contact me for your refund. If you still want the light without the logo also let me know that. They don’t need a full fifty people to give us the price they quoted so that should still stand. Just no logo. Also if you still want the drivers and emitters but not the host let me know and I will just refund the price for the hosts.

My apologies for this mess, I had no idea that they would pull this stunt.

I sent the order out to them just a few minuets ago. They had me put a spreadsheet together will everyone’s address on SKU’s and all that fun stuff. I am now just waiting on them to get back to me with the final invoice. I also asked them to give me an estimate on how long it will take to get everything going. I’ll update this thread as soon as they contact me for the payment.

Thanks for all the help along the way and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly on their end.

No more orders please, I’m putting everything together today and placing the order.

Thanks everyone for helping make this a work. I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as FT gets back to me. I have to put a spreadsheet together with orders and names and send that in and then they confirm the total amount and then I make payment. I’m not sure how long it will take them to ship everything, But I’ll Keep you guys posted on that too.

OK, so here is the payment thread. I’m going to set the deadline for payments on Saturday the 15th. On the 16th I will place all the individual orders. after that they will need time to put Budget Light Forum on the lights and ship them out with anything else that you ordered.

Keep in mind that you can look for anything else to add to this order when you place it with me. Anything over $20 gets a free tracking number. It’s $1 extra for tracking numbers if you are under that. Also Add 3% if you are sending the money as payment for “goods” I would prefer you do this if for any reason you don’t trust me with holding the money until I make the orders on the 16th. (it will be an all day job for sure)

Extras you might want to consider. Thermal paste or Fujic something like that. maybe centering rings for the emitters if you don’t have them. Etc.

If it’s on their site you can add it.

My paypal address is don’t laugh it’s my wife’s.

Make sure to send me a PM with all your details. Put everything you ordered, your address and how much you paid.

Feel free to ask any questions in the PM or below.

$8.56 per host
$1.89 per emitter
$2.35 per driver
$1 for tracking if your order is under $20

Add 3% to your total for paypal if you pay as “goods” or anything other than “Gift”. Please don’t feel like you need to pay as “gift” I would prefer you don’t if you are worried about it at all.

If I have missed anything please point it out so I can update this thread.

Thanks everyone for helping make this a go.

payment send for :

1x host
2x emmiters xpg2
1x XM-L Reflector to XP-G Reflector Converter Adapters (2-Pack)(

+ tracking (shipped direct to me)

Make sure you send me a PM with all your info so I can keep track of everything. Thanks. Paypal doesn’t give me an address or of course your screen name.

Ask FT if you can send them list of email addresses and sku numbers (with quantities) and they can much easier create individual orders, they already have shipping address for all of us. you won’t have to type in all info manually.
Someone will always forget to send you all necessary data, happens every time…

Thanks I’ll see what they say.

I just paid via PayPal. I PM’d you my details.

Thanks for doing this for us!

Got it and thanks for the PM that really helps make this easier for me.

Payment just sent. Will PM with details. Thanks!

Just sent my payment to via PayPal. I also PM’d you my details.

Thanx! :beer:

Just sent my payment… check your pm

thanks for doing this for us :slight_smile: :beer: :beer:

Payed and PM sir!

Thanks again!

(P.S.) may want to update the other thread with a link to this one…I had to search a bit :stuck_out_tongue: )

Payment sent!

Just sent the money and PM. Thanks for doing this, I’m looking forward to owning a BLF light (and building it). :smiley:

+1 :slight_smile:

Ric Flair is Paid In Full.

Thank you!

Payment and PM sent

Paid! Thank you! PM sent.

Paid you via PayPal (markdt as a gift). I PM’d you my details.
Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:
Host X 2
Emitter X 4
DriverX 4

How much leeway should I allow in picking a holster? Anyone have any ideas on that? Would this be OK for my Sunwayman v25c, torch is about 135mm long, and about 110mm around at the head. Will this suit it?

One full kit…………12.80
One holster………….6.45

10 pack, insulators. -
Sumwayman holster -

I may need to change the holster though. Hope that is OK 18sixfifty?

Still need to spend $0.75 for free tracking…. and done.

PP Payment made. Paid as gift.

I don’t understand, why don’t you order the holster and charger seperately? He has enough work already with the groupbuy… :slight_smile: