Payment Thread for C-10 BLF (Refunds sent because FT didn't honor their price)

Ask FT if you can send them list of email addresses and sku numbers (with quantities) and they can much easier create individual orders, they already have shipping address for all of us. you won’t have to type in all info manually.
Someone will always forget to send you all necessary data, happens every time…

Thanks I’ll see what they say.

I just paid via PayPal. I PM’d you my details.

Thanks for doing this for us!

Got it and thanks for the PM that really helps make this easier for me.

Payment just sent. Will PM with details. Thanks!

Just sent my payment to via PayPal. I also PM’d you my details.

Thanx! :beer:

Just sent my payment… check your pm

thanks for doing this for us :slight_smile: :beer: :beer:

Payed and PM sir!

Thanks again!

(P.S.) may want to update the other thread with a link to this one…I had to search a bit :stuck_out_tongue: )

Payment sent!

Just sent the money and PM. Thanks for doing this, I’m looking forward to owning a BLF light (and building it). :smiley:

+1 :slight_smile:

Ric Flair is Paid In Full.

Thank you!

Payment and PM sent

Paid! Thank you! PM sent.

Paid you via PayPal (markdt as a gift). I PM’d you my details.
Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:
Host X 2
Emitter X 4
DriverX 4

How much leeway should I allow in picking a holster? Anyone have any ideas on that? Would this be OK for my Sunwayman v25c, torch is about 135mm long, and about 110mm around at the head. Will this suit it?

One full kit…………12.80
One holster………….6.45

10 pack, insulators. -
Sumwayman holster -

I may need to change the holster though. Hope that is OK 18sixfifty?

Still need to spend $0.75 for free tracking…. and done.

PP Payment made. Paid as gift.

I don’t understand, why don’t you order the holster and charger seperately? He has enough work already with the groupbuy… :slight_smile:

In the OP, he clearly states add anything you like to get to $20 to qualify for free tracking. So that would be why I was doing it. Although I stopped the charger for other reasons anyway. There is also several references to it here too.

Yea i know that, but i wouldn’t want to complicate things this way for a lousy $1 for tracking. anyway u do as u wish :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, $12.80 for one host+driver+emitter, $12 for 18sixfifty’s modding/assembly/shipping service, $1 for tracking (from you, inside the US), so $25.80 for one modded light? ($26.57 with 3% paypal overhead)

That’s actually a pretty great deal, and a wonderful thing you’re doing for BLF. :slight_smile:

I know nobody has actually tested one yet, but if I understand correctly, the modded light could probably out-throw a TK75 (~90 kcd lux) if it performs roughly like a C8. (XP-G2 dedomed @ 2.8A)