Paypal changes flat fee to enormous value

I guess sending money to friends or people you know from a credit card (or credit facility) is a disguised way of a “cash advance”; if you’d do that from an actual credit card in a different region (say, while on vacation abroad), it would also be very expensive.

Based on the quote above, does this not apply for goods or services purchased from abroad?

This is for personal payments, right? I ran into the same issue earlier this year trying to send a small extra payment for an item to an international account. Below a certain threshold (about $100 in Canada) it’s actually cheaper to make a normal payment and just add the fees the recipient will pay.

what I saw was for international money transfers to friends and family, when funded by a credit card

I see nothing about new fees for payment for goods and services paid for with a credit card, or not

from what I have read so far,
and no

the fees seem to be for people who are using credit cards, for international money transfers, to friends and family


the fees are not for receiving a payment for a merchant, they are fees for transmitting money to friends and family, that is my interpretation of this part of the PayPal notice:

PayPal is not acting as a money transmitter in connection with the PP Here and Pro/VT agreements, we added a section to those agreements stating that PayPal is acting as the merchant’s agent to receive payments on their behalf from their payers.

to me it sounds like PayPal simply added fees to cover credit card transactions.

So my next move is to go relink my paypal to my bank account as primary source, instead of my credit card. But I dont actually send money to friends and family overseas, funded by a credit card, so Im not sure I really need to care.

obviously kiriba-ru thinks his sales will be affected, but I dont see anything about a fee for sales, yet… all Ive seen is about friends and family transfers

maybe as a seller, paypal gave him a different notice, that tells him that if I use a credit card to buy from him, there will be fees… if so, the way to solve that is to pay him from a bank, not from a card…???

You can check full policies text (as I said I even checked it for different countries). 1.1 is about internal fees for transactiojs from credit cart, while 1.2 is about family and friends trasfers. This updates came together with PP protection. So, part of this fees are insurance.
Did you find another page with right fees for pay for goods option?


I found this while digging around on PayPal:
We don’t charge a fee to make a transfer to your bank

Im getting lost digging around, so no, I have not seen what you are asking me about…
if you post a link, I will read it

Ah, the beauty of monopoly.
I wonder why the internet is so great at creating monopolies.

It’s a good time to shift some transactions to cryptocurrencies.

Maybe revolut ?

I was always hesitant to link my bank account . If PP gets hacked ,your account becomes vulnerable.

My bank account is unlinked because it becomes the default payment method with no way to change it. After a decade of carefully selecting my credit card every single time, it took one single late night mistake to generate a huge NSF fee because I kept the account empty.

My cousin sends money to his sister every month by using Moneygram. Lowest fees and best exhange rates.

You can get a debit card linked to a checking account, where you can keep a 0 balance without penalty.

Transfer only enough to cover any purchases you want to make. Even if hacqued, you lose almost nothing.

If you can do it online (I intentionally didn’t enable that feature, ymmv) you can do the transfer minutes before PPing anything.

Wouldn’t a credit card be easier?

I use that system

thanks for sharing other options for sending money to friends and family… I can see why paypal was not happy doing it for free…

I did a quick test, it seems Moneygram charge 5% to send money within the USA

my kid just had her bank account hacked, they got several thousand dollars
the bank refunded all of it to her account
still very inconvenient, but not by any means a total loss

the scam involved an email she received, that asked her to log in to solve a problem with her account. She logged in through the email. Dont do that! Careful reading of the from address revealed it was not from her bank at all, it was what is called a phishing scam, aka “Social Engineering”. I get those all the time. I never log in to any of my accounts, through an email.

The advantage of using a credit card (not a debit card) as the primary payment source for a paypal Purchase (not talking about sending money internationally to friends and family), is that it gives more time for me to realize I need to add funds to cover my purchase… when I dont pay direct from my bank account,. The bank account is still a backup funding source, which would not be used unless my credit card is declined (which means I have other issues)
but most of the above comments may not be on topic

Im not seeing anything in the new paypal rules that changes how I purchase things
Im waiting to see what kiriba-ru shares, to educate me if it would help him for me to buy stuff from him using paypal linked to my bank, instead of paypal linked to my credit card…

I don’t sell on Feebay any more … ( Greedy pukes )
Craig’s List / Gumtree to name just two .

It definitely looks like Paypal is trying to cash on small transactions,

I tried to compare other payment services, and realized you have to look at hidden fees as well. they are hidden in the conversion rate.

I looked at some possible alternatives for transfers from USA to Russia and it looks like there are only 2-3 other alternatives:

Here are the fees to send $5-$10 to Russia

HiFX charges around $5 fees
Transferwise $3-$4 fees

Skrill is more affordable:

To send money you get charged with
Credit card fee 2.90 %
or ACH (Bank account) 6.00 %

Sending fee 1.45% +$0.50
Conversion fee 3.99%

So to send $5 would cost additional $0.92 ….$10 would be $1.33

Recipient in Russia has $0 fees to receive the money

but to withdraw the money or not use the account:
withdrawal fee $5.50
inactive service fee $3.0/month (after 1 year)

your post is all about using Paypal the way you might use Western Union, to send money to friends and family internationally

none of that has anything to do with purchases, does it?

If I use paypal to buy a flashlight from China, are any of the fees you are pointing to relevant?

This doesn’t seem to apply to ordinary overseas transactions if you link a checking account to PayPal. I did several transactions yesterday that involved payments as small as $1.27 for some G4 LED light bulbs used for lighting Christmas blow molds. If you are worried about your account getting hacked, simply open a small account at a different bank or credit union and keep enough in it to avoid fees. Most credit unions don’t require a large balance for a checking account and don’t charge fees for transferring money between accounts if you do it online.

I did not get a similar letter from PayPal but I never use it for transferring money to relatives.

Can you try it again but only $900 this time? Moneygram is supposed to only charge a flat rate of $11.50 for anything up to $900 within the US.

You can try it. It has a fee estimator