Paypal changes flat fee to enormous value

Now this is exactly the reason why crypto will replace other means of money transfer.


Interesting link! on top of those private companies, they also share data (when requested) with pretty much every government agency. Since they have a banking license they are required to do this anyway (AML/KYC at the very least + any other local law) and if the request is legitimate.

Revolut seems a much better solution.

Heh, the author, Schneier, looks like Tony Amendola. :smiley:

Still, is there any way to get away from companies “sharing” (ie, selling) your info? Any time someone collects info that can be used, it’ll at some point be misused and abused.

That’s kinda to be expected. No one’s gonna have something salable that they’re just gonna sit on.

offtopic chatter:

CryptoCurrency is not government controlled
ALL currencies are government controlled
therefore, CryptoCurrency will Never Replace Paypal :wink:

Have to agree, while a great concept but unfortunately Crypto currencies resemble the good old “pump and dump” schemes.

Pretty much all OTC and deregulated markets are lot of times manipulated by “sharks” .

For the first time I noticed a foreign transaction fee on my Pay Pal linked credit card charges . Only pennies . May have been there on other statements but didn’t notice . Is this usual on Chinese purchases using Pay Pal or something new?

sounds like you had a fee for currency conversion, and that is new
or, it could be a fee for using a credit card, and that would be new

can you please tell us what Percent of total purchase price was the fee you were charged, so we can figure out if it is a credit card fee, or a currency conversion fee?

in any case, I believe if you link your paypal to a bank account, and not to a credit card, then there would be no fees

just my opinion, maybe contact paypal directly and share what you learn?

Approximately .6 %.

I found this in Pay Pal agreement:

When your payment is funded by a debit or credit card and requires a currency conversion, you consent to and authorize PayPal to convert the currency in place of your debit or credit card issuer. You have the right to have your card issuer perform the currency conversion and can choose this option during checkout on your transaction review page before you complete the transaction. If your card issuer converts the currency, you’ll be charged a rate set by them (shown on your statement), and you’ll be subject to any fees and terms set by them related to the conversion.

PayPal will always perform the conversion for transactions where your PayPal balance or linked bank account is the payment method

does not sound like a credit card fee
if you contact paypal, I hope you will help educate us better on what is going on
Im glad the fee was so small

just saw your second post
Im glad you figured out it is a currency conversion fee

I dont quite understand if that fee would be avoided if you fund from a bank instead of a credit card
still glad it was a very small fee

thanks for sharing info

See my previous update above

Update : should have said .6 % ( not .006%)

Agreed, there is even a definition of “personal payment” in the Paypal email.

thank you for taking the time to share your research

good info, thank you

sounds like a currency exchange fee, if applicable, applies to any funding type, credit, debit, bank, or paypal balance

It does not sound like a 3-4% credit card transaction fee, nor the additional flat fee, that the OP mentioned when he wants to transfer funds to friends or family funded by a credit card.

I do not know if purchases paid by paypal have changed fees, afaict Paypal has always charged a ~4% fee to a seller, it was only fees to friends and family that have changed afaict. iow, Paypal wants to collect fees on sales, and when people try to get around that by claiming it is a gift, they can no longer get around the fee, when funding with a credit card. I dont think there is a fee when funding a gift to friends and family from a bank or paypal balance…

Im open to learning better info. I dont do many friend and family transfers, so not a lot of experience.

thank you, Personal Transaction, non commercial, are useful terms
it is these Personal Transactions that are now no longer free afaict, at least when funding with a credit card