Paypal Dispute/Claims (Non-Ebay)

I didn’t see this via search, and I recently opened 2 disputes.

Anyway, had a tracked item stuck “origin preparing shipment” for well over a month. Still stuck on day 44. Filed Dispute and tracking started updating around 47ish, arrived around day 50.

One Item inside was incorrect.

Seller sent an email saying the corrected item was sent out via non tracked mail post.

With the deadline on the dispute looming the question is:

Do I close the dispute, let it run out, or escalate and change to incorrect item while waiting for the replacement to arrive (Estimated 15-30 days shipping time)?

Don’t close the dispute until all items are correct, you don’t know if they have actually sent anything or are just trying to get past the elapse time for the dispute.

Three options

  1. Close dispute or wait until it closes automatically with trust in the seller.
  2. Claim your money and if everything arrives refund the refund
  3. Talk to Paypal customer service what to do.

I would go for route 3 and then see further