PD35 v2.0 competitors

I really like the Fenix PD35 v2.0, what other similar lights are there?

Specifically I like:

- Compact body

  • Focused beam, 15,600cd at 1000 lumens
  • Tail switch

I don’t like the PD36R because the beam isn’t as focused.

I’ve scoured Nitecore’s website and I can’t find anything with the same beam profile, they’re all more floody. I’d be interested to know if there’s anything with a bit more output but with a similar cd to lumens ratio as the 35v2.

Maybe new PD32 v2?

Oooh yeah that looks good, thanks :smiley:

Ooh, I really like that Fenix is getting back to slightly more focused beams. I hate the wall of light trend I feel like a lot of manufacturers have fallen into the past few years. That’s part of what turned me off of Fenix for years, my ~2007 P3D had more throw from 200 lumens than their recent edc lineup pushing 1600 lumens.

Yeah the 32v2 looks like it might even be too focused for EDC haha. But looks like a really fun toy, can’t wait to get one. My favourite thing to do with a light is to spot foxes from far away in the park as it makes their eyes light up, that one looks perfect for it.