PD's absence

This isn’t meant to be some big announcement, just something I can point to in my signature and make people aware of. Some of you may have noticed less posts from me in the last week or so (or maybe you didn’t). I also missed a few PM’s recently. Just so you know everything is fine, no major life “issues.” I’m just having quite a busy summer. I might be on here a lot one day and disappear for a week, I don’t know, but if you ask me a question or send me a PM I’m not ignoring you on purpose, I just might not see it for a while.

Cool, thanks a lot for letting us know. And enjoy your summer!

What!? Your life is more important than us? That’s a much too healthy attitude, you need lumen transfusion quick.

Wondered if you were ok! Great to hear that you are. :slight_smile:

Have fun whatever your doing pd.

Yah, who needs flashlights in the summertime anyway :zipper_mouth_face:
Did I just say that out loud ?

Just remember to come back PD!