Peaches? Not on these trees!

Freezing conditions and a blowing mist entombed everything in more than a 1/4” of ice. Nothing compared to conditions in , say, Boston, but for the deep South with fruit trees blooming and other trees budding out it means no fruit. These buds will be killed by the ice.

I’m sad to hear that the freeze in killing the buds, however your photos are spectacularly beautiful.

Can you believe someone let this camera go for $134? An old Canon 20D, virtually brand new. Coupled with a 100mm Macro 2.8L IS lens. :slight_smile:

Had to get out there, not often we see pink buds and blossoms encased in ice around here.

Now about those tinned peaches that you need. :frowning:

I have a Canon EOS 40D great camera, not the latest by any means but very serviceable. I had the 100mm macro 2.8 lens, the earlier one without IS, I swapped it for a brand new Powershot SX200IS point and shoot camera but sometimes wish I had it back, very good fast lens. I have a Sigma 150-500 that I use 95% of the time but also a Canon EF 70-300IS and the Canon 17-85IS that is a kit lens but not bad.
A mate of mine has an EOS20D and it produces excellent results, like yours.

+1 my Mamacita loves her peaches. That’s just too bad.

Steve, you’d love this lens…it’s hybrid IS that works on 4 planes. Set the camera to Servo and it tracks a flower as it blows in the wind. :slight_smile: That was the problem with the original 100Macro, too many blurred shots. This one is incredible.

I have a 5D MkII and 1DsMkII as well. WANT the new 5Ds really really bad!

Beautiful pictures! Thanks.

Sandwich me in between the 20D and the 40D, I shoot with the Canon EOS 30D. But unless one invests in nice lenses the pictures are so so. I find myself using a Fuji point and shoot with a nice 2.8 lens on it most of the time. Enjoying your pictures as we don’t get a lot of ice here in Calif.

When I was buying there was no IS on the 100mm macro, I know how good it is and want one very much. I used to take long distance shots of ships arriving in the river Tees so I wasn’t as interested in the 100mm macro that I had. Now my interests have changed but I wouldn’t sell the Sigma, I like it too much.
From about 10 ft

These were all taken sitting in my car using the window opening as a brace but hand-held. Not bad for an F5-F6.3 lens.

One of the only pics I took with the 100mm macro, F2.8 and a foggy seafront at night.


My peaches froze last night too!

At work.

Bugger. Whats the man down town going to do now? Nice pics Dale.

Nice price. Those are great cameras.

Really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree…

Steve Miller fan eh.
Time keeps on slippin, slippin into the future.

can’t say I’m a fan, I prefer… more notes :slight_smile:

but some cool lyrics.

Awesome photos Dale! Thanks for sharing. I especially like the fifth one.

The 5Ds? I thought the megapixel war was over. :stuck_out_tongue:

50MP now, in the 5Ds. For only $3899. How good is YOUR glass? :smiley:

If you know frost/ice is coming, cant a sprinkler prevent the build up of ice and protect the buds? Or thats only early morning frost, probably less useful if middle of the day is still freezing…

I thought the Nikon D800 was pushing it at 36MP, but 50MP is nearing the resolution of digital medium format.

I wonder when the lens will be the bottleneck of image quality and sharpness instead of the sensor.

Instead of starting a new thread...

We just don't have a snow storm in Tyler very often. It's snowing like it used to back in Western NY State. Beautiful, but treacherous, especially for these Texans, who don't know how to drive in the snow.

I don't look forward to driving to work today.

Sony HX100V. Not like using a 20D, (which I used to have years ago), but better than nothing.

The 50MP full frame is in the ballpark of already existing APS-C sensors in pixel density (~ 4um pixels) and much lower than most point and shoot or phones, lens is already in most cases the limiting factor in resolution