Peli Versabrite VB3 Alternatives?

Can anyone recomend a clip on alternative to the Peli VB3 Versabrite led torches, something small & cheap that can be clipped to a jacket breast pocket etc ? The Peli versions are often used by U.K Police on an ops vest.


How about the Inova Microlight ?

The new one is pretty fancy

There are still single mode versions out there

I carry an SBFlashlight L10 on my keys now but I used to always carry Inova’s

Thanks for that suggestion :slight_smile: it looks to be more of a key ring type torch, but its not far off . Thanks again !

There are lots of small lights, that should compare and be useable on a zipper pull

There’s a show down on some lights, a Fauxton may be what you want?

Many thanks, there does not seem much available that would replace the Peli VB3, its a clever little clip on / docked light that comes on when unfolded and can be angled as required hence why used by police on ops vests when writing/reading etc, its really nothing like a keyring or miniture standard flashlight.

If your looking for a hands free light that clips to you, an Anglehead light like the Trustfire Z1 or Z2 may do the trick.
A Zebralight H31 would be pretty sweet too

You basically want the exact same format?

There are dozens upon dozens of clip lights and snake lights you could use.
Pelican is a great brand but if you want smaller, fastTech has a few options

No I dont need the EXACT format, just something that can be used in the same manner…many thanks for your input :slight_smile:


What manner do you use it for? And how do you use it

Or this

Thanks for that link…. its used clipped/attached to the top breast pocket area and used in the course of my work to read/write hands free and to also illuminate the are just in front of me, it needs to be quite bright in a fllod but does not need a lot of lumens to be effective. The design of the Peli works well as it does not swing around under its own weight as a pen type clip tends to do some times. The Peli also has a dock available which can be attached to a jacket etc, I have wondered if there was something that offered the same sort of function, but to be honest, up to now the Peli still seems to be winning.
Many thanks for your help.

I myself prefer pen lights, of which I have quite a few. For reading I can tuck it in the side of my had next to my temple, or clip it to the neck of my shirt for reading.
511 PLx, pelican 1920 or Streamlight Microstream all do the job nicely and are good with inside pocket carry

The Olight Penlight would do nicely as its floody and 180 lumens
There’s a coupon code in another section of this forum.

The Versabrite is handy for up close work but not very useful as a backup light for my EDC, so I’ve never bought one. It’s be good for camping ?

Thanks for the reply, for my usage I do not really need it as a back up and only need it for read/write and maybe a little bit of illumination close to.
I should think for camping a headlamp would be better though !

Cheers !

Outside of the tent, yes I prefer my headlamps, I meant for inside the tent or camper where you only need to see a few feet


Outside of the tent, yes I prefer my headlamps, I meant for inside the tent or camper where you only need to see a few feet

Yes, good for inside a tent ! :slight_smile: