Pelican 1910 - AAA $19.95 free shipping; no tax

not familiar with Pelican myself....

The 1920 looks nice...I wonder how it compares in quality to the StreamLight Stylus Pro?

Anyway to carry everyday at 67lumens its a bit read a menu or a book at night it would blind you - but to be too dim its not useful its a tough call.

I am very interested in any first hand accounts of this light. I own the Streamlight Stylus Pro and Microstream so I would be most interested in output compared to these lights and if it is as good of a thrower as the Stylus.

I was into Pelican in the '90's. They make very high quality, bright throwy lights, but my experience has been limited to their proprietary Xenon bulbs, I have no experience with their new LED lights. The only problem I have had with their lights have been the switches on the 4C ones from the '90's, I owned 3 of the 4C lights, two I bought, the third they provided free (I had the second 4C for 10 years, though not used much, they sent me a new one as long as I sent the old one in) because they discontinued the previous model (which was the model that gave me problems), so their warranty and CS is very good. My collection of Pelicans is: SuperPelilite (2C Xenon), Saberlite (3C Xenon), M10 8040 (4C Xenon, though mine looks different from the picture on their website) and while digging out the Christmas decorations, I just found my KingLite 4000 (8D, Xenon) spotlight (probably been in that closet for 10 years).

I kind of got my fill of Pelican after all that, so I have not bought any new Pelicans in over 10 years. My coworker uses one of their 2 CR123 Xenon tactical lights at work. He has had it for at least 5 years and has not been gentle with it (dropped it several times in my presence over the years) and it keeps on going. So I don't think they have gone down in quality, so I will continue to vouch for their quality. I can't vouch, however, for the output of this light, but I am confident it is well built.

Well, I have been so impressed with the Streamlight Stylus Pro that if the Pelican is really 67 lumins, it would be a home run. I don’t really ever need more than the 48 lumins of the Stylus because it throws so well. It is more useful than my 150 lumin Klarus because it throws better.
I like more throw in a hand held light and more flood in a headlight. With a headlight, I am just working and looking at things at arms length but with a flashlight I need to see farther for inspections on elevators. Sometimes I will have to see something at the top or bottom of an elevator shaft and if the light doesn’t throw well, it is worthless to me.

There is zero info about these lights on the web. What kind of throw does the 1920 have if anyone knows? It may be my next purchase if it throws well.

+1, I love my SLP lights too, they are my daily carry.

I have the red, blue, black, and silvers ones. For $18 each they are the perfect light for me.

Granted I wish it had a lower mode (which would ruin the simplicity), but seriously I often use my SLP to walk my dog at night instead of my LD20, its that bright and can throw great.

I am really interested in reviews of this light if anyone has one.