People Bird Lights

In the contest of 'Strangest Flashlight Brand Name Of the Day' .....I present the People Bird brand!!


Looks nicely built but a little pricey.

People Bird, People Bird, People Bird, People Bird, People Bird ..........

I cant stop saying it!! Marketing strategy working...must........... buy People Bird lights!!!

People bird?
I’m more a cat person…

Looks like their own designs, don’t they?

Nice name, like “Zebra Light”. I like their product breakdowns, very thorough. BlackFire sounds more tacticool.

Are the copper parts really copper, or brass?

That MC-1 Gladiator makes me want to try it! Brass screw in pill, lot of nice touches. Very interesting.

I have no idea why but many folks around the world think the two terms are interchangeable. Obvious by the color that the pills and ground rings are brass. Nice though, they’re making a very good effort and isolating threads with anodizing and putting the brass contact rings in, makes lockout easy. :slight_smile:

These seem to have some effort in em instead of the same ol same ol. Like seeing that. Now if they only had copper stars…

In my country it was called yellow copper and red copper (“geel koper” / “rood koper”).
Yellow copper is not copper, it is brass (“messing”).
You don’t hear yellow copper so often anymore.
But maybe in other languages there’s also this mix up of words and their meaning, considering copper and its alloys.

The mixup is probably because brass is literally “yellow copper” (黄铜). Blue and green colour can be easily confused too.

I thought they did look like brass. It is strange they compare a brass pill to aluminium as being better.

They look well built. I would take a chance if they were a little less pricy. Maybe next month.

Here in Japan they say you can cross a street when the traffic light is blue, while we say it's green.

It does look like a rather good quality based on the pics Chloe posted. Lots of threads on that pill. I’m not sure about that driver…. Oh haha. I thought they used a quad board in the thing. It’s just showing front and back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting! I do not know of a red copper equivalent. I wonder about possible influence - it seems too much of a coincidence. I cannot find anything about early Chinese export of brass though, only zinc.

IIRC, the Netherlands was the only European trading partner with China for some time, long ago.
Maybe back then it was already the Chinese selling brass for copper, but yellow copper, special for you, with keychain? :smiley:

It’s actually a really nice looking light. Great build quality anyway.

That M138 looks good. Looking forward to a review of it!