Phoenix heat Pic...

As if you didnt know how hot Phoenix is- the front half of the plant (left side) is roasted by direct sunlight of a 120+ degree day. The back half that stays shady is fine. This happened within 24 hours.

Aww, really pretty flowers too. Hope the bees had a chance before it got too hot!

I’ve kept that plant going for two years from a tiny 3” sprout to a full sized “shrub” through hot summers and freezing winters by watering and covering. These last two days have been absolutely brutally hot. I water it daily, but the full intense heat is too much for it.

Is that a Vinca ?

I don’t know. I see them all over town here though at restaurants, in people yards, etc… They do well in this area.

Think you’re right it is a Vinca; a genus of 6 species in the family Apocynaceae, native to Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia. Commonly called ’periwinkle’and related genus is Catharanthus. 2 of the species, Vinca major and Vinca minor, are extensively cultivated as a flowering evergreen ornamental plant. They are also traditionally used in older cemeteries as an evergreen maintenance-free ground cover. Although attractive, both Vinca major and Vinca minor may be mildly invasive in some regions where they are introduced species because of the rapid spreading resulting in choking out native plant species and altering habitats. Areas affected include parts of Oz, NZ and USA, especially coastal Ca. In other cases, Vinca has been recommended as a fire retardant ground cover. Invasiveness is regionally variable and many vincas won’t readily displace native species. There are at least 86 alkaloids extracted from plants in the Vinca genus. Vincristine, extracted from Vinca rosea L. (current name Catharanthus roseus), is a type of chemotherapy called a vinca alkaloid used to treat some leukemias, lymphomas and childhood cancers, as well as several other types of cancer and some non-cancerous conditions. Vinblastine is a chemical analogue of Vincristine and also used to treat various forms of cancer. Dimeric alkaloids such as vincristine and vinblastine are produced by the coupling of smaller indole alkaloids such as vindoline and catharanthine.

Ours are having trouble and it's only 100 to 105 here. We raise plants for Hummingbirds and our Cigar plants (cuphea), are wilting badly. We have them in pots. There are large trays under the pots for extra water and I still have to fill the trays 3 times a day. Luckily the Tithonia rotundifolia is loving the heat and so is the Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler'. It's going to be another helluvahotsummer and worse to come I'm afraid.

You guys are definitely hot watching news we are just south about 175 miles and hitting a mere 112 today stay in shade or inside.saw tent city and sheriff Joe giving inmates popsicles qnd the news showed it hitting above 134 in tents.

Huh. Never knew I had a medicinal crop in the front yard.

Medicinal… I had to scroll back to check exactly what plant you were talking about. I was disappointed. :wink: :smiley:

Nice copy and paste! :bigsmile:

It’s 1:30 am and it’s 98 degrees outside. geeeze, I like it hot but this is getting out of control! lol

Wow that’s very hot, here rarely get 99F, usually 90 - 93 on day.

May be can make sub forum for planting :smiley:
I use flashlight mostly for watering plants in my small garden at night after back from work, only have few plants in pot though.

Wow, sounds like good opportunity for some nice outdoor beamshots! :party:

Man, the weather forecast keeps on getting worse.

And it's been unseasonably humid in Central California as of late.

I'm glad I don't live in Phoenix; my carnivorous plants wouldn't last long in full sun! :X

Speaking of gardening, there's definitely something amiss concerning this strange plant, but I just can't put my finger on it... :evil:

Yes it was adopted from wiki after verification from many photo sources and comparison as I’m an avid gardener! :slight_smile:

Umbrella Corp.! :D

I’m waiting to see that too :smiley:

My late mom had green thunbs and i just picked up after her love for plants and flowers. Your red flower with 5 red stripes sample ought to be a petunia of the “Primetime Red Star” variant. It can have inverted colours too!