Photo(s) of Diodes From Lithium Cell

Trying to relocate a photo (or two) of a small circuit board with two diodes that was removed from a (3 V ?) lithium cell. I think one diode was used as voltage dropping when discharging (using) the cell, and the other diode used for charging the cell. I'm wanting to find details on these diodes.

I thought I saw the photo(s) here in this forum, and/or at HKJ's website about two weeks ago(?) But despite extensive searching here at BLF, at HKJ's website, and via Google, I haven't found any of these photos/details (yet)!

Anyone know where the photo(s)/details of these (3 V) lithium cell diodes might be, please??

Found this on CPF :

Excellent! I think that the CPF link was probably the one I was looking at, as the diode photos and the avatar of the original poster look familiar.

Actually I thought I searched at CPF as well, but obviously not well enough.

Thank you!!