[ Photo ] Spring Fly

First day of Spring in Oz

Gotta admire a good macro shot. You do these well!

Thank you ..

Spring is here , so Macro season is almost upon us ....

This summer may be a serious bumper crop for insects, we even have more flies ATM than we did for the whole of last summer.

I saw a demo on focus stacking last year. Not a suitable technique for something like a fly but good for static macros. Fantastic DOF.

Ever tried it? A series of shots with slight different focus, assembled in an image editor. The guy showing us said he used Photoshop Elements I think.

Yes , I have tried it .. ( image stacking )

But usually you need studio conditions .. To date I have stacked about 6 images ( Deep ) ..

But I have heard of people stacking 100+ images , now thats dedication .

Nice. And great depth of focus, I was dreaming of that when I was into the hobby of macro-photography in the eighties (Pentax SuperA with Pentax SMC 100mm dental macro).

Holy f-stop. Is it really set at 27.0? If so that explains the deep depth of field. Must have been a ridiculously bright day when you took that to still have a 1/150 shutter speed, that or you’re using additional lighting.

Never thought a fly would make such an interesting subject. Reminds me why I like macro photography so much. Good picture!

Kind of off the reserve, but I don’t think that’s technically a macro shot. My understanding is that the image on the sensor is the same size or larger than the object in real life.

Autumn is here, enjoy your summer :D!

Impressive! I always enjoy your macros.

As sb said. Amazing picture.

I've always appreciated your macro shots. This one is no exception. ;)

Fantastic pic old4570 ! H)

Thank you ..

Yes = Shutter speed 1/180 - F stop is 27 and ISO is 100

And I am using a flash .. I will have to post a picture of the rig !

I have 3 Macro Rigs , this is one of them ...

Pentax K30 - Tamron 90mm SP Di Lens

My own design / set up - Macro flash solution , and it works for me and the way I do Macro .

Thats the great thing about Macro , there is no one way of doing it , there are 1001 ways of doing it . ( Possibly more )

Some time ago I wrote a Macro guide = http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=39461380786738518652

I dont know if its any good , but an attempt at sharing !

I wonder about the color rendition of the flash. Is there such a thing as CW or NW in flash? And what about the flash intensity?

This is the cheapest flash unit I could find , about $12 ..

Generally to control light / intensity / or color , people use a filter / diffuser .

You do have some in camera settings you can change to control output , as well as post processing ( software ) .

You can buy flashes with softer ( more yellow ) flash , but generally not in the budget sector ..

Once you get into the more serious $$ the options increase .

Hello from a new member, but a long time ’Tog.

Enjoyed your “How To” Guide to starting close-up Photography. Very informative and well written, and well explained for beginner’s.

Did you ever finish the “Flash” Guide?

I was holidaying out in Aus. in ’85, and camera gear was “an Arm & a Leg” cost wise, compared to the UK. Has it improved since?

Nice Capture by the way!

Have you tried a ring light (ring of LEDs around the lens for even lighting of the subject)?

Thanks to the internet and Ebay its more reasonable now ...

Yes the good old days ! I used to read American photo mags and Pentax Canon Nikon Olympus cameras were insanely cheaper in the USA ..

I purchased a SF1 ( SF7 in Australia ) used but mint from the USA for $170ish or something shipped in the early 90's or something - too far back to remember .

And I walked into a camera store here in Australia ( one of the big ones ) and they had a SF7 that looked like it had been dragged behind a car for a hundred miles or so for $700 .

Australians got ripped big time before the internet .. ( Huge )

Yes - I have had two over the years .. One I still have , the other was a toy! and was sold of with a camera .

They only work to a certain point ( very close ) , Im tempted to try another but I dont want to throw money away on garbage .

I have seen a couple between $50 and $100 , but all the reviews SUCK chunks . And offer no real idea of the ring lights performance .

I have a Pentax K20 with a Saitex 3x Tele Macro converter with a PEntax M 50 F1.4 up front ..

The M 50 F1.4 goes F22 + the 3x Tele Macro converter = A 150mm lens that goes F66 ... ( Thats Macro ) .

And to run F66 you need POWER! ( Flash Power ) .. ATM it wears a METz flash , and even that lacks power . ( @ F66 )

And the other issue , insects dont like having large objects showed in their faces , they tend to scarper in a hurry .

So there is a limit on how much gear / or the size of the gear you can get away with .

If you can find a good ring light , they do work . But just be aware that there may be limitations and flash power may be lacking in a lot of the Chinese LED ring lights .

Ooooh , and before I forget , flash sync speed .. THE LED ones may be insanely slow .. The LED one I had was 1/60sec sync speed ( Way too low ) ..

The only camera it worked with was my K100D , and I was able to use it at 1/125 .. ( Usable shutter speed )

Meike FC100 , a ring light to avoid ...