Photos of your new arrived lights

Review sample :slight_smile:

All from last week.

What is that small one on the right?
I’ve never never seen it before.

Rovyvon Aurora A5 glowing body :sunglasses:

Yap, the Rovyvon Aurora A5 has 4 in one function (main LED, side light, UV & GITD body) in one tiny package which make it a very interesting light!

Olight H04. Thanks to member ActiveAl for posting about it.

Thanks guys. That Rovyvon Aurora A5 is very, very nice indeed. Great specs and tiny!

It’s going on my wish list :slight_smile:

Haikelite mt03vn and mateminco x6s

Awhile back…I told ya! :smiley:

Nicron N7 as a gift for Christmas and several Nicron batteries with direct charging

Got me a Tool AA v2.0 after 50 annoying days in the mail. Cool white as it may be, I’m enjoying it more than my old Thrunite T10 purely because of the better mode distribution. And because unlike most, it’s plain cool white with no ugly green or purple tint shifts.

No it ain’t! Where’s the classic S2? :smiley:

Is the moonlight as low as the T10 ?

Nope, much higher (especially if one hasn’t disassembled their T10 to wash/wipe the inside of the lens clean, because holy heck that’s grimy coming in out of the box :confounded: ). It’s comparable to the Tool AAA’s Low mode.

Got a good deal on a like new olight X6 a few weeks ago.

I am missing; M1, M2, L2, S2 and a lot more :wink:

I swear by the M1 and the S2 :slight_smile:

Daaaamn, what a piece !
How many lumens does it produces ? Step down ?

Acebeam x80vn with the 12 xhp 50.2 and 4 xhp70 shave dome / diffuse lense.