Photos of your new arrived lights

I swear by the M1 and the S2 :slight_smile:

Daaaamn, what a piece !
How many lumens does it produces ? Step down ?

Acebeam x80vn with the 12 xhp 50.2 and 4 xhp70 shave dome / diffuse lense.

5000 lumens, and according to the review from it starts at 5100 and slowly goes down to 3500 lumens in 20 minutes and wil stay on that for about 50 minutes.
In uncooled conditions.

Been a while since my last new light.

New Maratac Ti Inspection Penlight Modded with Nichia 219B SW45 R9080 & its twin brother Acebeam PT10 Cooper with XP-L2 4000k 80 CRI.

(L) Acebeam PT10 Cooper with XP-L2 4000k 80 CRI VS. ®Maratac Ti Inspection Penlight with Nichia 219B SW45 R9080
White balance manual set 5000k Both lights have same Driver & both lights in low mode

219B sw45 R9080 has slightly better tint overall, but XP-L2 4000k 80 CRI has warmer Tint, more flood beam & much brighter! I’m not a picky tint snob. I love both tint, but for close-up & indoor use, my eye prefer XP-L2 4000k 80 CRI better. Sometime 219B sw45 R9080 has more white glare when close-up.

and now monsieur X3s i3t copper is in my hands, :slight_smile:

I like how its got some nice patina already.

Bet you can find my fingerprints on it :-p
Enjoy !

not brand new but it’s been in my wish list

The mailman made me verry happy today

- Olight R50 Pro Seeker LE kit

- Oligtht S30R Baton III

- Olight M2R Warrior NW

- Nitecore MT06MD

- Nitecore R25 with NTH30B holster

  • Nitecore BP25 backpack with 2x NUP20 sidebags, NUP30 frontbag, NHL10 tablet holder, NHL20 and NHL30 pouches

Big score! Certainly for someone living in one of the most lightpolluted cities of the world :slight_smile:

When I want max output from the SS one I replace the Pikelhaube with the stock tailcap with the much improved double spring.

Luckily i live not in the city itself but in son & breugel just north of it.
Enough woods and open fields on the other side of the town with not much lightpollution.

I received my little Hit from Illumination Supply—They Rock

I just received the D1 a few days ago. The D4 was getting lonely.

Got my Olight X9R in yesterday.

BOSS frosted ti, xpl HI 4000k/ amber