Pictures of you extreme extreme lows

My contribution :

DRY triple XM-L cold white. The XM-Ls just glow red!


184s f/1.4 at 24.0mm iso1600 (3 minutes at f1.4 ISO1600!) Sorry for the noise, but this is pretty extreme.

That is ridiculously extreme!!

3-minutes of exposure to get that much light makes it seem that amount of low is useless in a real world scenario. Can you even see anything with it using the naked eye?

that is an unreal photo

Yep, can't even see that it is switched on even with dark adapted eyes straight into the emitter at close-up distances (10 mins in the dark already). Need the help of the camera or night vision. No real use....just horsing around. Money mouth

Remember, it is 3 minutes at ISO 1600 and f1.4.

Or converted to the usual point and shoot cameras, that's 36 mins at ISO 500, f3.2. No s****.

You are just capturing some IR and not visual range!

Might not be IR but rather just some reddish emission from the emitter. I find that you cannot see the emitter glow steady state, but when you switch it on and off repeatedly, you can see the very minute difference between OFF and ON using your peripheral vision. In astronomy, they always use this trick called averted vision for really low light work on stuff like deep space objects.

Besides, the camera CMOS sensor captures IR as bluish purple. (try it with your IR LED)


Here's another one, 58 seconds f8 ISO400. Batteries are at a higher voltage.

Or converted that is equivalent to 15 sec f1.4 ISO1600


This is how it looks on the camera. If you look into the remote, you'd see a wee wee bit of deep red light. Some remotes are well into IR and you can't see them. But it is purplish.

I love it. CoolThanks for posting the pictures. I might try something similar.

Or just a reflection of ambient lights

Ambient light does not make the emitter glow as well....and definitely would illiuminate the front shiny bezel.


Not so extreme, but some of my flashlights have ultra low mode (within 1mA marge), they "shine" in full time, when switched off. They are surprisingly strong, stronger than a nokia n95 at full brightness level.

Very usefull, you can find very easy the flashlight in the dark, and can be navigate when your "night vision" is activated. Calculating with 800uA and a 2500mAh cell, It will hold the charge at least for 4 months.

left to right: 3xmce 300uA ; tr-1200 200uA ; xml aspheric 700uA ; xm-l 1000uA ; xm-l 800uA ; nokia N95 full

ugly light pattern -> the wall is too near

underexposed photo